The profoundly nawabi culture of Lucknow comes alive in its food. It is said that all the popular foods of Lucknow date back to the Mughal era when such special meals were prepared in the court kitchens to please the nawabs. It is also said that if you want to have the best non-vegetarian food in north India, Lucknow is one of the few places to appease your craving. The kebabs of Lucknow are world-famous. But that’s not the only meaty delight you get there. One visit to the city and you’ll be spoilt for choices.Best Non-Veg Dishes From Lucknow You Must Try For A Slice Of Royalty

Here we have handpicked some of the best non-veg dishes from Lucknow that you must try to experience royalty that all of these offers.

1.Tunday Kebab

Tunday kebab takes the front most place in The Lucknawi cuisine. The tender kebabs are cooked along with a special masala containing hundreds of spices. The meat is pounded thoroughly and slow-cooked in ghee, dum style! No wonder this kebab oozes out a font of flavours in every single bite.


Kebabs are a specialty of Luckwani cuisine.

2. Galouti Kebab

Another popular kebab with similar soft and melt-in-mouth finish, galouti kebab prepared with minced meat and fried to make round disc is an all-time hit. Galouti kebab is often paired with mini sweet khameeri roti to make for a small meal.

3. Pasanday

This is a traditional non-veg Lucknawi curry made with mutton, which is first marinated and then cooked in a spicy and creamy gravy of curd, cream, tomatoes and a range of spices.

4. Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Talk about Mughlai food and there’s no way biryani won’t be mentioned. Did you know that biryani actually originated during the Mughal empire by the royal rulers? This Lucknow-special Awadhi mutton biryani is the perfect dish to get in touch with our history. Juicy marinated mutton pieces are slow-cooked along with a range of spices that are first dry roasted to bring out their deep-set flavours. Traditionally, this biryani is cooked in a handi to make it in its most elementary form.

5. Awadhi Gosht Korma

This mutton curry is of the most popular dishes from Lucknow. Mutton is slow-cooked with lots of spices and herbs in a curd-based curry. It is mostly served with sheermal or paratha for a typical Lucknawi meal.

854kg7ugGosht korma is a rich Luckwani dish. Image:iStock

Experience the true Lucknawi culture through its famous foods. Try these recipes in the comfort of your home.