Starting school is a huge milestone for any child and parent. While the kindergarten years are designed to help your child learn the basics of school and socialization, there are still steps you should take to prepare them for their first day. Whether you’re looking for private kindergarten Belmont MA or are sending your child to public school, be sure to work on these tasks in the weeks and months leading up to the first school year.

Focus on Reading

Reading is an important skill for children to master, but being read aloud to can be just as crucial. Spend at least 15 minutes every day reading to your child. Try to choose a wide variety of books and topics to help build their curiosity and broaden their interests.

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Teach Proper Pencil Grip

Writing is another important life skill that your child will focus on in K5. However, developing incorrect pencil grip habits can lead to cramping and poor writing skills. It can also be challenging to correct improper grip in children as they grow. Focus on teaching your child to hold their pencils, crayons and markers the proper way to build good habits. Try a variety of grip tools until you find the right match for your unique child.

Practice Time Away

Leaving mom and dad can be tough on kindergartners. If you don’t already, try to find ways to separate yourself from your child so they aren’t as fearful on that first day. Sign them up for a fun class, drop them off for a day at grandma’s and hire a babysitter more often the summer before school starts.

Find Opportunities for Group Play

In kindergarten, your kid will learn a lot about sharing, playing and working together with their peers. To give them a head start, try to encourage group play whenever possible. Even just visiting your favorite park or playground is a great way to socialize with other children.

As you prepare for the first day of school, make sure your child is ready to succeed. Follow these tips for a smoother, happier transition to K5.