Career success requires clarity, goals and a timeline. However, it takes more than a vision and motivation. You need some practical techniques to help you get ahead.

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The more you can do for your company, the more your company can do for you. Make yourself indispensable: familiarize yourself with colleagues’ jobs and cross-train in other departments. You will insulate yourself from layoffs and become more qualified for promotions. If your boss resists your initial attempts at cross-training, explain how the firm benefits from it in teamwork, flexibility and efficiency.

Educate Yourself

Continue your education in every way possible. If you are a school counselor, medical professional or law enforcement officer, you may find psychology classes Springfield IL useful. For an accountant or tax professional, refreshers that keep you updated on tax laws may be most helpful.

In some cases, you may need to go further. Earning a degree, even in a field unrelated to your current job, shows your employer that you are willing to work hard and see difficult tasks through to completion. In the midst of constantly changing market conditions, executives appreciate employees who expand their skills and achieve lofty goals.


For most professionals, significant advancement can only come with others’ support. When you think of networking, you may picture formal mentorships or trade associations, but networks go far beyond that. Your network may include friends, school colleagues and instructors, and co-workers.

In many instances, your direct supervisors and managers are in the best position to help you move up in the company. They know what openings are coming up, and what it takes to qualify for them. Talk to everyone about your goals and do not be afraid to ask for help meeting them.

Develop Good Habits

Certain practices and habits can boost your chances for advancement. Show up a few minutes early to work. Volunteer occasionally for extra projects. Carry yourself with confidence and take pride in your work. Share news of your accomplishments; toot your own horn for a while and soon your higher-ups will be singing your praises.