Pollution Giving You Dry, Watery Eyes? Try These Remedies To Reduce Burning Sensation In Eyes Because Of Smog

Delhi pollution: Sprinkle water in your eyes to reduce burning sensation caused by smog



  1. Reduce your screen time to avoid burning sensation in eyes
  2. Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid ill effects of air pollution
  3. Avoid using eye makeup right now

It was only a temporary relief from pollution last week. Air quality index has dipped to hazardous category and it is getting more and more difficult to breathe the toxic air with every passing day. Difficulty in breathing along with cough, cold, congestion, allergies and headaches. Another common symptom of air pollution affecting you is itchy and burning sensation in eyes. Eye problems, allergies and burning sensation in eyes are probably because of smog and no matter how much you try, staying indoors at all times is barely possible.

Videographic on air pollution. The Indian capital’s notorious air pollution hit “emergency” levels again Wednesday, coinciding with a visit by Britain’s Prince Charles.

Burning eyes and eye allergies during pollution: Quick and effective remedies that can help

Constant exposure to smog might be the reason why your eyes burn and feel itchy. You may also be experiencing sore eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, redness in eyes and blurry vision. Well, the first step towards preventing these symptoms is avoiding going out too often. Apart from this, follow these steps for some relief:

1. Reduce your screen time: Pollution isn’t entirely responsible for these symptoms in eyes. Apart from 8 to 10 hours at work that you are constantly glued to your screen, if you are spending considerable time on your phone, then it is way more than recommended screen time for your eyes. Give your eyes a rest from screen time to reduce these symptoms. Reducing your screen time can reduce redness and burning sensation in eyes.