Today we all want the peace of mind and it seems really difficult for us in this modern day life. A modern day program named ‘A course in miracles’ which helps you healing your mind by helping you to learn to trust and removing all the judgements.  This will bring you a stable mind state and will provide you the way how to put the principles in your daily life which is really a practical tool.

ACIM Spain lets you experience that you have so much joy and happiness that you won’t respond and react to the world. You just need to do as done by Jesus, just hear one voice and eventually the ego will disappear. There will be no more judgements, no chatter and no opinions, and not even static like radio station. You will have no problems whether they are financial/relationship problems or with environment. If you notice properly you will come to know that all such problems are just ego thoughts. But with a course in miracles definitely you will feel that flow of spirit and the mind also becomes quiet.  All the dualistic thoughts will fade away with this. It is the spirit which uses the world symbols for inspiration, bring blessings and happiness.

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Definitely you will hear a lot of people saying that you look like human but you are so happy that you do not look like human. This happens when there is no one to convince.

  • Only the body is used for the communication so that the god love can be expressed through you. It is through this that you can laugh more, smile more and hug more.
  • It is with ACIM Spain that you become really kind and polite. This will be demonstrated through your attitude and also the peace of god. This is what will let the people gravitate towards you.
  • It will become so easy for you to talk to you about anything as you become so peaceful and calm after the teaching. Definitely the people will come and ask you ‘How are you so kind and peaceful all the time?’

You just need to dive deep into your mind and use all the lessons taught in your daily life. To learn more about it you can check so that you can understand everything in detail. You just need to go deep within so as to find the answer of love. There is really an answer within you which can bring happiness and love to the world. You search it everywhere but forget to search within where you can truly find it.

Many a times we fell alone and isolated but the truth is you are never alone. It is this ingrained belief which makes you separate from everything and you just live on your own. It is this belief which does not let you live your joyfully. So, it is the time you need to untangle all your thoughts and dive deep into yourself for the peace of mind.