4 Learning Resources For Students Recommended By Bill Gates

4 Learning Resources For Students Recommended By Bill Gates

New Delhi: 

Bill Gates and his commitment to issues related to education is not a secret. He is often seen sharing his views on education and how studnets can tackle the problems they face while learning. In January 2018, Bill Gates shared 4 learning hacks for students with TIME. These hacks are basically online resources which students can use to learn new topics or skills or polish what they already know.

Bill Gates wrote that as a kid he would turn to encyclopedias to find answer to any question that came to his mind. Today, all he needs to do is go online. While there are many resources online to help students, he shared the following four as his favorite.

1. Khan Academy: Khan Academy covers topics from Maths, Science, Computing, Arts and Humanities, and Economics and Finance. Students learn through short videos and can also prepare for tests SAT, GMAT, IIT JEE, etc. Bill gates writes that he often uses the website to refresh concepts that he hasn’t studied since high school.

2. Code.org: Mr. Gates says that every individual can benefit from learning how to write some basic code. He says that even if it may not be useful in daily life, coding forces you to think abstractly and solve concrete problems. For this purpose, he recommends Code.org which has a lesson for learners of any skill level.

3. The Teaching Company: Bill Gates says that The Teaching Company offers some very interesting lectures by incredible professors. He says that he always carries a DVD by The Teaching Company when he travels.

4. Big History Project: Also funded by Bill Gates, this project provides a comprehensive look at the history of the Universe from the Big Bang till today.