How Coursera Is Riding the Online Learning Wave in India, Its Second Biggest Market

  • Coursera has 26 million users worldwide
  • India is its second-largest market after the US
  • Course completion rate is 60 percent in India

When you think about online education and learning, you probably start thinking about preparing for competitive exams or working towards a master’s degree from an accredited US university. What most people won’t think of is a course like learning how to learn, which aims to help you out with any subject or skill you’re struggling to pick up. Surprisingly enough, over 1.5 million people have enrolled for this course worldwide and of these, over 100,000 are from India, according to online education portal Coursera.

Coursera says over 26 million people have enrolled on Coursera globally and over two million of these are from India, which makes India its second-largest market after the US.

Raghav Gupta, India Country Director for Coursera, says the portal is growing fast in India, having added over 50,000 users every month since January 2017.

“The awareness question (lack of awareness about Coursera) applied about 18 months ago. Now it (awareness) is quite strong both at an individual and organisation level,” says Gupta. However, the awareness about Coursera is not spread across the country evenly. “We have an English speaking and metro-centric audience. We have work to do to reach the non-English speaking audience.”

Gupta mentions transcripts and subtitles in regional languages as an option the company has been considering, but there’s no fixed timeline on rolling out to that feature.