Low-Carb Diet: 5 Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

  • Veggie juices can be great additions to a low-carb diet
  • Vegetables have negative calories and may help in weight loss
  • Tomato, beetroot, carrot, cucumber are all nutritious veggies to juice

Low-carbohydrate diets have been gaining traction nowadays and an increasing number of scientific research studies have also suggested some benefits for people with specific needs. Low-carb diets have been known to lead to quick weight loss and keep the weight off as well. These diets are particularly helpful when a person is advised weight loss for regulating a clinical condition like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure etc. Low-carb diets are basically diets that restrict the consumption of carbohydrates to a certain bare minimum level. Low-carb diet plan must be prepared meticulously and must only be followed under expert supervision, in order to prevent any adverse impacts on health.

Vegetables are one of the best foods to add to a low-carbohydrate diet as they are low in empty calories and high liquid calories and negative calories. Having negative calories simply means that the process of digesting vegetables burns more calories than a vegetable itself supplies to the body, so that the net effect is weight loss. Vegetables are vital for low-carb diets as they fulfil the body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss: Here Are Some Low-Calorie Vegetable Juices That You May Add To Your Low-Carb Diet-

1. Tomato And Cucumber Juice Recipe

Although it’s technically a fruit, tomato is considered a vegetable for its savoury taste. This cold tomato juice can be a perfect evening snack-time drink. It also contains cucumber, a little bit of curd and mint. It is spiced with garlic and rock salt.

en8dtnq8Low-carb diet: Cold tomato juice

2. Beetroot Shots Recipe

One of the most nutritious and low-calorie root vegetables out there, beets make for great additions to a low carbohydrate diet. This recipe also contains strawberries for an extra punch of flavour and sweetness, along with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.

3. Cucumber Kiwi Juice Recipe

Cucumber has high water content and hence is a great addition to a low-carb diet. The tropical fruit kiwi adds fruity goodness to this drink that also contains high levels of vitamin C, which is important for a healthy body.

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4. Carrot Orange Detox Drink Recipe

Perhaps one of the most common detox drinks out there, this orange and carrot mixed juice is great for breakfast or for post-workout hydration. Carrots and oranges contain vitamins A and C, respectively, and are both low in calories.

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5. Green Cucumber Shots Recipe

This delicious veggie juice recipe contains not one but two low-calorie veggies, including cucumber and lettuce. It also contains garlic, parsley, cilantro, olive oil and sea salt and is sure to make dieting interesting for you.

opec5fdgLow-carb diet: Cucumber juice shots

Extreme low-carb diets as part of crash dieting for weight loss is not recommended. It is always better to eat a healthy and balanced diet along with exercising or workout to lose weight consistently