Diabetes Diet: 5 Whole Grain Desi Flat Bread Recipes For Diabetics

  • Whole grains are rich in fibre and may help diabetics
  • Whole grains are unprocessed grains with germ, bran and endosperm
  • Ragi dosa, kuttu paratha and more desi breads for diabetics

Our body has an excellent and efficient system in place, for the smooth functioning of every single system. When we eat, for example, the carbohydrates in our diet are converted to glucose, which is then absorbed into the cells. This is done with the help of the hormone insulin, which signals the cells for the uptake of glucose. However, a breakdown of this system results in the condition called diabetes, when there is too much glucose or sugar in the bloodstream. This happens for either of two reasons – either body is incapable of producing adequate amounts of insulin or the body and its cells are not responding to insulin effectively. This leads to a number of symptoms that range from minor to major. The condition may be potentially life threatening, if not handled with the utmost care.

Diabetes: Importance Of Whole Grains In A Diabetic Diet

For diabetics, foods that have a low glycaemic index (GI) and that are rich in fibre are healthy and may help in regulating symptoms of the condition. One of the best ingredients that diabetes patients can include in their diets is whole grains – unprocessed grains, which contain the bran, the endosperm and the germ. Whole grains are known to help in blood sugar control by slowing down the release of glucose into the blood stream. A number of whole grains have been recommended for consumption for diabetics, including millets, buckwheat, whole wheat, brown rice, oats etc. Although diabetics may have to remove breads from their diet, consuming dishes made from these whole grains may benefit them.

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Diabetes Diet: Here Are Some Desi Flat Bread Recipes That May Help Regulate Blood Sugar In Diabetics:

1. Bajra Methi Missi Roti

One of the most commonly consumed flatbreads in India is roti that is a part of almost every meal. Bajra or pearl millet has been consumed in India for centuries and this roti prepared from bajra and fenugreek or methi may be a good addition in a diabetic diet.

42iv5k1gDiabetes Diet: Bajra roti

2. Ragi Roti

Finger millet or ragi is another popular ancient grain that is back in the limelight, due to its versatility and health benefits. This ragi roti is spiced with healthy spices and also contains carrot, which is a great low-calorie addition to a diabetes diet.

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nrm7o4ugDiabetes Diet: Ragi Roti

3. Kuttu Ka Paratha (Buckwheat Paratha)

Kuttu or buckwheat is a gluten-free grain that is used for making fasting recipes during Navratri in India. Kuttu is rich in protein and essential minerals and vitamins, which make it great for diabetics.

ihqluc7gDiabetes Diet: Kuttu Ka Paratha

4. Ragi Wheat Dosa

Dosa is a popular dish in southern India that is prepared from lentils and rice flour batter. This dosa is made from a batter made from ragi and whole wheat flours and may be incorporated in a healthy diabetic diet.