Weight Loss: Move Over Upma; Try These Weight Loss-Friendly Suji Breakfast Recipes (Watch Videos)

  • Suji or rava may help in weight loss in a healthy way
  • Suji is calorie dense and can help boost energy when eaten for breakfast
  • Suji dosa, uthappam and dhokla recipes for you to try

Suji or semolina is a popular Indian grain that is consumed during the fasting season. However, the grain is not just restricted to only fasting days and can be used in preparing a number of other dishes, primarily South Indian preparations. Suji makes for an amazing breakfast, as it is energy-dense and helps keep you going throughout the day. Moreover, it is easily digested, light on the tummy and can be turned into yummy delights that will make your mornings interesting. Suji or semolina is made from rough and coarsely ground whole wheat, making it healthier than most processed grains or maida breads for breakfast. Suji or rava may help in weight loss in a healthy way

Suji For Weight Loss

Suji or rava contains no cholesterol, but it is calorie dense. A 100 gm unenriched semolina contains 360 calories (as per data by United States Department of Agriculture). However, people who wish to lose weight may use this to their advantage by consuming suji in their breakfast meals. This is because suji is rich in important nutrients and makes for a filling and calorie-dense meal, which can help you sail through work mornings with ease, without feeling hungry. When your energy levels are sufficiently up, you won’t need to snack more often. Pair your suji dishes with protein or fibre-rich fruits and vegetables to boost its weight loss benefits. Additionally, make sure you only pick up semolina flour made from whole wheat that is rich in fibre.