Five-year-olds exude energy.  They jump, bounce, and shout.  After years of learning to walk and talk, they have become individuals eager to play and explore, but getting them to sit on a circle carpet and listen to instructions can prove challenging.  With that in mind, as you explore Voluntary Prekindergarten programs (VPK), look for schools that will harness the energy and allow the kids to see it as an advantage.

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What is VPK?

VPK has grown as an early introduction to basic math and reading skills. The program developed to provide a bridge between preschool and elementary education. Students go to school for half a day and receive instruction in the alphabet and early mathematics. They also still have time to build friendships and play. The goal is to establish a sense of school and routine as well as ensure early exposure to concepts that will help in early education years. There are many programs in vpk tampa that offer free VPK with the use of a state voucher. Take the time to visit several before making a decision.

What is Active Learning?

Students with high energy (like most 5-year-olds) need active learning. Circle time is great. Students need to work on listening skills, but too much time on the carpet creates frustration and ultimately behavior problems.  Schools that use hands-on activities and movement will allow those enthusiastic kids to develop and grow. As you tour schools, keep your eyes out for center tables. Ask the administrators how much time is spent on group activity. Little kids are eager to explore.  Does the school use project-based learning? Is it prepared to use body movement or music? These tasks activate memory and engagement. Immersion in active learning can help the day fly by and increase a child’s interest.

VPK is an exciting transition. It’s a time in which little kids learn they are capable of learning so much.