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When the crops are tall and time is short, finding enough help to get the job done is a tough task for many farmers. Operating a fully functioning farm requires many workers who play many roles, and each task needs to be coordinated just right. Many farmers enlist the assistance of an organization such as an H2A agency, which performs all of the necessary recruitment steps and ensures that every law and regulation is followed. With fewer obstacles, the worker and the farmer are able to form a harmonious partnership that provides more prosperity for both parties.

Benefits to the Farmer

As the employer, farmers are given guidance for the guidelines that will apply to their hiring needs. The process is greatly simplified, and they are more or less guaranteed a strong group of workers who are qualified and can get started right away. Additionally, support is offered for the entire work season. This way, if any issues arise, a solution can be reached swiftly and the farming process will have minimal delays. Agencies are also able to locate and hire laborers who have specialized experience in areas such as certain types of produce and even livestock. The employer saves a great deal of time by not needing to train the employees as intensely as they would for inexperienced individuals.

Benefits to the Worker

The farm workers are typically migrants who travel far from their homes in order to obtain gainful employment. Because they have an advocate in an agency, they do not have to worry about as many details as they would if they were attempting to go through the hiring process on their own. In fact, when working via an agency, the migrant is usually able to depend upon basic needs such as housing and food being taken care of for them. They also receive assistance with the legal paperwork needed to satisfy any immigration requirements for their particular situation.