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Learning to code is a great way to get ahead of the game and jump start your future, plus it’s a ton of fun. It’s also a lot of hard work, the need to constantly be improving always hanging overhead. But when it seems like you’ve already learned everything there is to learn, where do you go from there? Check out these three ways to improve at coding for a few ideas on that front.

1. Learn Specialized Skills and Software

Specialized skills and software take what you already know and apply it in different ways. If you’re looking to use your knowledge of coding to get a job, this is definitely the route to take. Getting certified by organizations like Adobe or Google and attending things like CA Endevor training can really make you stand out in the job market and give you a lot of new things to learn at the same time.

2. Find a Project

While learning in the abstract is good, having a real goal to shoot for is better. Not only will it help to motivate you to get better, it’s like a built in benchmark for measuring your skill. Whether the project you wish to start is making a simple program to switch wallpaper on command or creating an entire video game, having that endpoint in mind will definitely help you to improve at a quicker and more consistent rate.

3. Collaborate

One of the best ways to learn is to talk to and collaborate with others. You’d be amazed at the amount of things other coders can teach you based only on their own areas of expertise. You could work on a large project with a group of others or simply meet in a cafe to talk about what you’re doing; either way, you’re getting valuable learning opportunities with others skilled in their craft. Learning to code can be a challenging thing, so try out these three ways to improve your skills so you don’t get left in the dust.