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This refers to the letter ‘Quality education’ (Aug 22) by Mujeeb Ali Samo. The quality of education in Sindh was never as bad as it is in the present. I was educated in a government school in Shikarpur up to fifth standard. The school’s infrastructure was impressive; its teachers were devoted, punctual and strict; and it was compulsory for all classes to have a period dedicated to sports in the afternoon. The teacher brooked no laxity on the part of students. It was the mischief of successive incompetent governments that the standard of education plummeted so low that even unfair practices in exams – for example, the cheating culture – became an integral part of education.

The ruling class began sending their children abroad for education. This attitude of rulers dented the social fabric and divided society into the haves and have-nots. In addition, education in Pakistan, unfortunately, has been commercialised. Business magnates have made huge investments in the education sector to make money. To raise the standard of education, there should be a uniform education system. The chief minister of Sindh should also take steps to improve the quality of education in his province.