DU Admissions 2018: A Guide For ECA Aspirants

With the Delhi University cut-offs expected to soar following the announcement of class 12 results which witnessed many in the 90% above bracket this year, students are looking at other options to make it to the coveted university. Fortunately, for those who have a good extra-curricular record or an inclination towards non-academic pursuits, their efforts to hone their skills in school need not go in vain as DU Colleges reserve 5% seats for extra-curricular activities, better known as the ECA quota. The activities range from folk dance, debate and western vocal to sculpture, quiz and NCC, catering to a plethora of talents.
A common misconception among applicants in the ECA category is that 5% is reserved for each activity. As it happens, colleges reserve 5% of all seats available in the college for all activities, which means that an aspirant under this category is not only competing for seats with people in the same activity, but in other activities as well. These seats are supernumerary, unlike OBC/SC/ST, which means over and above the normal intake of students by colleges. Maximum relaxation of 15% is permitted in the aspirant’s best of four percentage vis-à-vis the last cut-off of the respective course and college. One cannot avail ECA for admission in any of the entrance-based courses as ECA is available for merit-based admission only.
The registration for ECA category is to be done on the DU admission portal. The categories are further divided into sub-categories, so select accordingly and upload the highest level of certificate. One can apply for more than one category. An additional fee of Rs 100 is charged from the applicant for each activity selected under the ECA category. Once the registration fee is paid, the applicant cannot apply under ECA or change their category.

There are selected categories available in colleges so applicants must refer to Annexure IV in the Bulletin of Information provided on the DU website to see the availability of their category in the college(s) of their choice. Colleges like St. Stephen’s and Shri Ram College of Commerce do not admit students under the ECA category. Jesus and Mary College (JMC) has a separate admission form through which applicants can apply under the ECA category. Their ECA trials are held separately in their own college and they follow their own admission procedure but as per Delhi University guidelines.
There will be two rounds of trials- the preliminary trials and the final trials. The trials schedule will be uploaded on the university website, once the registration process is complete. If the dates of the trials clash, applicants who have to appear in more than one category can approach the panel and get them rescheduled. In the preliminary trials, students will be judged solely on the basis of their skills. The Prelims results will be uploaded on the university website and those who qualify will appear for the Finals. In the Final trials, one should be thoroughly prepared with all documents. 75% weightage is assigned to trials and 25% to certificates, so even if you have the skills but lack the proof it is worth giving a shot as more value is attached to talent than to experience. However, every mark counts so be sure to carry all certificates and even medals and bring photocopies of the certificates as they have to be submitted. All general and activity-specific guidelines will be uploaded on the website once the finals schedule is out, so strictly adhere to them.

Everyone who scores at least 38/75 (50%) in trials gets through the merit list. Making it to the merit list however, does not guarantee admission due to a limited number of seats. Once the merit list is out, applicants must go individually to the respective colleges where their category and course is available and fill the form and wait for the first ECA list to come out on the university and college websites. If they don’t get admission in the first list, there are subsequent lists which follow the same procedure until colleges fill up their ECA seats.