Writing the dreaded college essay is one of the scariest parts of college life. High school seniors must tackle this assignment. Most of them psyche themselves out before even writing the first sentence. While some students are lucky to have a professor to guide them, others have to figure out on their own on what makes a quality college essay.

Learning to pen an excellent college essay means you have to learn how to research a subject as well as craft an argument.

The Following 7 Tips Will Help You Write a Decent College Essay:


Tip #1: Always begin by brainstorming

The most challenging part of a college essay according to many people is starting. If you want your essay to have a punch, you must begin the process of writing it by brainstorming. Brainstorming about your personality traits as well as defining personality traits is undoubtedly an excellent place to start.

Also, it is prudent first to internalize the topic of the essay so that you know where to begin. Proper Understanding of the matter is central to the quality of your final composition. Intensive brainstorming about the topic about your personality traits will have almost half of your work done. You will have a steady flow of ideas when you start writing.


Tip #2: Work out the first draft

Once you’ve brainstormed your ideas, and gathered your notes, proceed to create an outline that’ll organize the essay. Establish where you desire to place examples. After you do this, you’re ready to write the first draft. At this point, you shouldn’t worry about making the essay perfect.

The most important thing is to have your ideas flow and thoughts down on paper.

Later in the drafts, you’ll fix mistakes as enhance your writing.

Adhering to the outline as you develop your first draft is essential. The outline you create reflects your flow of thoughts. Getting these thoughts mixed up later makes the essay sound inconsistent.

Examples are a tricky part of writing essays. The standards you choose should be relevant to the discussion. The examples you give should be aimed at proving a point or idea you are fronting in your analysis.


Tip #3: Create three essay parts

These are the introduction, body, and conclusion.


Tip #4: Be specific

Your essay must be focused. You can achieve this by figuring out how the question at hand relates to personal qualities. Once you do that, take a specific angle. Ensure everything you pen supports the particular viewpoint.


Tip #5: Honesty is key

When answering the question posed to you, it’s vital. Avoid falling into the temptation of writing what you think the admission panel wants to hear. Always answer the question honestly.


Tip #6: Seek feedback

Seek the opinion of your friends, family or even teachers. Ask them if the essay makes sense and if it sounds like you. Considering their feedback is prudent. While you’ll need to make changes accordingly, it’s essential to keep your voice. The most significant mistake many people make while writing college essays is not being themselves.


Tip #7: Ensure you proofread and make necessary corrections

Before submitting your essay, you must read it carefully. Check for typos, grammar and spelling errors. If you have someone that hasn’t checked it, give it to him or her to have a look too. The chances are high that they’ll notice mistakes that you weren’t able to observe.

Writing a high-quality college level essay has many elements to it. In addition to those highlighted in this primer, you must also ensure your paper is free of spelling errors and grammar. Moreover, it must also have a tightly woven argument. The above are the top 5 tips to write a proper college essay. The skills should serve you before, during and after your college life.