Salesforce is an American cloud-computing company headquartered in San Francisco. It was established in the year 1999 with a motive to provide software as a service. It was the first company of its type. Today, the company is the leader in the industry and is comfortably ruling out a number of competitors when it comes to features and pricing. Salesforce is continuously growing its market share, with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products giving major revenue.

Why Companies Prefer Free Salesforce Training Resources?

A number of companies are using its products to ease out the efforts made by the employees manually. Many of these companies don’t have large budgets to hire an already skilled individual for a CRM based job. A few of them don’t have an ability to send current employee to a month-long training. So, these companies can provide free Salesforce training sessions to their employees and make them learn about the CRM software provided by Salesforce. There are too many resources over the internet that can be navigated to find the best training manuals and tutorials.

Here, we have listed down some of the best training resources that a company can share with its employee to educate them about the product.


Trailhead is the best pick for a free training resource. It is created by Salesforce, who are constantly updating it for easy learning. Presently, it features 150+ modules covering 40+ different trails. A trail is a guided tour to learn specific features and functions. The modules offered by Trailhead are bit-sized and interactive. They check your work and ensure that you have completed the challenge correctly. Over 25 projects give you hands0on practice through step-by-step instructions. Moreover, the 5 superbadges provide you an opportunity to implement your learning to the real business world. To make learning fun, Trailhead awards the badges for completing different tasks.

Dreamforce Video Channel – YouTube

YouTube itself is a huge library to find tutorials, videos, albums, and other interesting stuff on the web. The ‘Dreamforce’ video channel on YouTube is another awesome Salesforce training resource where you can watch the key notes and breakout sessions for different events. This channel provides you an opportunity to learn directly from the experts sitting at the top benches in the industry. However, you cannot interact with them live as the videos are recorded. Though, you can still ask the experts through comments section.


If you are a veteran or spouse, you should check out Vetforce. The skilled team of Vetforce will help you get easy access to free Salesforce training, which will help you become a Salesforce certified professional. It also gives you an opportunity to connect to the companies that are looking for Salesforce certified individuals. – YouTube

The Salesforce MVP Shell Black, who is president of ShellBlack LLC, has created several whiteboard videos provide a deep understanding of the platform to the learners. The average length of the videos is about 5 minutes. These videos are just perfect to watch in your free time and learn something extra. Shell claims that over one million minutes of Whiteboard videos have been watched since the introduction of this channel.

Zero to Hero

It is a great series on Adminhero which is created by Salesforce MVP – Brent Downey. This Zero to Hero series takes a fresh start at Salesforce training by simplifying the content and using a language which most of the people will understand easily. The only expertise you need to join Zero to Hero is that you should have a zero experience with Salesforce. Moreover, you should have a will to learn, a free developer edition of Salesforce to practice, and some time to go though the content.

Salesforce Success Community

It is a wealth of information for the learners who are looking to understand the Salesforce software. This is the online portal to find the official documentation of Salesforce, technical releases and more. The PDF versions of the documentation can be downloaded for offline use. Moreover, it is the source to find answers to questions which have been solved by the challenges. You can also be the part of groups in this big community and expand your knowledge base by looking into the community discussions.

The Bottom Line

It is really important to get proper support and training on Salesforce software. A number of companies are adopting CRMs like Salesforce. If you have adequate knowledge about the CRM, you will get better job opportunities and income in your organization. The above listed resources help you train yourself in different modules and grasp proper knowledge about the Salesforce CRM. So, start learning with this list of free resources that can help you make a bright career ahead.