The world of acting is a very broad and lucrative profession that encompasses many mediums. From television and theater to web exclusive content and motion pictures, this multi-billion dollar industry sits at the core of the entertainment industry. It should really come as no surprise that countless millions wish to pursue acting careers in one form or another.

While pursuing your acting chops required a bit of raw talent and luck in previous decades, today’s world of acting is much more rigorous and formalized. As such, more formal credentials and experience are required to truly have a chance at success.

Today, we’ll look at some of the reasons why pursuing a professional education in acting matters – and may ultimately make or break your prospective career.

The Preferences of Casting Services

In the old days, qualified actors – or even aspiring ones – could walk into an office and potentially even audition on set for various roles and parts. Today, this is no longer the case. Much of the work has been outsourced to casting agencies and services, many of which are extremely picky about who they consider in the first place.

For instance, most LA casting is handled by casting service agencies that require very strict qualifications in order to be considered. From how you apply to where you audition, everything is regimented – and most of it is handled online. This means that you won’t necessarily get a chance to make a good first impression in person, but rather, will be chosen based on your credentials and qualifications.

The Sheer Supply of Actors

While it is true that there is more demand for talent than ever, there is also more supply. Everybody wants to be a star, but not everybody has the experience or credentials to live up to the hype. As more and more people find small-scale fame in various web-based and local productions, they hope to leverage this into a more permanent and stable career. This has led to an inflation in the number of actors seeking work.

As such, casting agencies have more applicants to consider than ever. This has led to them being more selective about who they choose. One of the best ways to make yourself stand out – especially if you have no prior paid acting experience – is by possessing a college degree from a well-known university for actors. Whether it is in drama or fine arts, it can make a huge difference in whether or not you are noticed.

Valuable Connections

By pursuing a formal education in acting, you’ll simply acquire more acting tools and connections than you would if you approach the industry from a different route. Many of the top acting schools in this country help immediately place their graduates with casting agencies, moving them to the top of the list in terms of selection.

Even outside the world of casting agencies, an education in acting can help produce relationships that keep you abreast of new opportunities and friendships – which won’t be available if you don’t pursue a formal education in the first place.


As more and more people pursue careers in acting, the competition continues to become stiffer. By obtaining professional acting experience in the form of formal education, you’ll be better positioned to impress casting agencies, outdo the competition and make valuable connections that’ll pay dividends over the course of your acting career.