All of us want to pursue different careers and courses have been designed to teach and develop various professions. These help us monetize our talents and thus contribute to economy and growth. Is economical and technical stability the only basis of measuring our country’s prosperity?

In the race to gain economic and career success, we brush aside importance that emotional and mental stability place in our lives. Due to this, we keep coming across terrible stories of inhumane actions and reactions of our fellow citizens. Whenever there is an accident or someone being attacked in a public place, very few stop and try to help the victim and still less of us raise our voices when someone is molested or is physical or mentally abused.

We have built the ‘Great Walls’ of discrimination between rich and poor, religions and castes, educated and uneducated, States and Countries. We rarely witness people standing against child labour and we are too lost in enjoying our holidays or obsessed with work and study to ask important questions on subjects like AIDS and cancer. Most do not even bother to protect our innocent flora and fauna.

These examples show a lack of empathy and compassion, emotions which develop with our sense of humanity. Today, almost everyone wants to achieve something and in this race we have lost our humanity somewhere. We do not have the time to be kind and considerate towards others since it does not seem beneficial to us, at least not for short term. This absence of humanity is crippling our country from within. It is like an epidemic with terrible emotional, mental and physical consequences.

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The main reason for this lack of humanity is the lack of awareness regarding a large range of important topics. Subjects like gender equality, AIDS and child labour are not a part school or even university curriculums. When our education institutions do not find these topics important enough to include in the syllabus, how would an individual develop any awareness regarding such matters?

Our course curriculums are designed in a way that they focus on preparing us for a particular profession. As a result of which there is almost no subject that teaches us to be kind and spread love amongst all. Some subjects of Arts may contain brief glimpses of humanity but they are not detailed.

Is it not important that we learn to help the poor, care for the diseased, protect the weak, respect the women and stand firmly against any form of injustice to humanity without fear? Humanity should be taught to a child from a very early age. This process should start from home where children should be told stories about great emperors and warriors who succeeded because of their ability to spread love and kindness.

In schools, colleges and universities, it should be taught as a separate subject and should be made compulsory to all. The curriculum should be structured such that the students never lose interest in this subject. Discussions, debates and talks should be held with the idea that the students implement in their lives whatever they learn in class. The younger generation constitutes more than half of the population of our country. If we spread awareness through education institutions, we can certainly change the fate of our country.

Everyone is aware about the prosperity of the kingdoms of emperors like Ashoka and Akbar and we all know the role people like Mahatma Gandhi played for the independence of our country. All these people, who revolutionized our country and the world, led a simple life and spread their gift of humanity amongst all.

We have to realize that exhibiting affection towards all not only helps in the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society but also fills us with a sense of joy. It is a different satisfaction that cannot be achieved by anything else. This emotional strength promotes us to push our boundaries further in the process of achieving success. Humanity certainly cannot be forgotten as it strengthens the roots of our country. It is the backbone on which the success of our country as a whole depends.