Corporate training has evolved over the years and eLearning has catered its part by helping it immensely. Many organizations are taking a step forward to implement digital learning as their training strategy as opposed to instructor-led training. Having said that, the Learning and Development Managers have to adapt rapid eLearning for immediate training needs. And converting the existing training materials such as PowerPoint presentations into an eLearning course can be the smart move instead of developing the content from scratch.

With arrival of HTML5 authoring tools, eLearning conversion for multi-device learning has become relatively easy. Nonetheless, we have to use sound instructional design strategies to redesign the existing training material to make eLearning courses more dynamic, engaging, and interactive.

we will walk you through step-by-step procedure to convert your PowerPoint presentations to interactive eLearning courses that can be uploaded in a Learning Management System.

#Step 1: Sequence and Structure the Content

Analyse the content and define learning objectives. Amongst all the PowerPoint presentations that are available, identify the list of slides you want to convert. Arrange those slides in a logical flow and further divide the topics according to the requirements and make sure the entire flow aligns with the learning objectives. Proper content sequencing helps you come up with the course structure aligned with the learning outcomes.