The OnePlus 5, which was recently launched in India, boasted of some top-of-the line specs that looked to challenge flagship smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Apart from the dual rear camera setup, the OnePlus 5 also highlights an 8GB RAM variant. While many feel that 8GB of RAM in a smartphone is a bit of an overkill, OnePlus clearly felt differently. But just how much of performance difference does is there in comparison to the 6GB of RAM variant? A YouTube channel tries to find out.

We already know that the 8GB variant of the OnePlus 5 is blazing fast after seeing a speed test videowhere it beat the iPhone 7 Plus. But for those curious to know just how much faster the OnePlus 5 with 8GB of RAM is compared to the 6GB model, a YouTube video recently posted by Timmers EM1 pitted the two against each other in a real life benchmark, launching the apps first and then reopening them from memory.

OnePlus 5 Speed Test Shows 6GB RAM Variant Holds Its Own Against 8GB Model

From the video, one can conclude that both the 8GB + 128GB Midnight Black variant of the OnePlus 5 and the 6GB + 64GB Slate Grey model are pretty similar when it comes to load times. Both are extremely fast and fluid when freshly opening the apps and it’s mostly hard to tell them apart from a few instances when the 6GB model doesn’t quite keep up.

When testing multitasking or loading the apps once again from memory, both responded snappily, although with apps like Amazon and eBay, the 6GB variant had to refresh the page a bit. On a second try (and with one additional game), the 6GB variant started reloading a number of apps all over again while the 8GB model had all the apps intact in memory. Despite that, both the models managed to keep a large number of apps in memory which is pretty impressive.

In our review of the 6GB model, we found that switching between the apps to be extremely smooth and the smartphone excels at gaming and media playback. Our review also pegged the OnePlus 5 6GB RAM variant versus the 8GB RAM variant in synthetic benchmarks like AnTuTu, GeekBench, and 3DMark, and the results were neck to neck, with 6GB RAM variant sometimes even trouncing its better endowed counterpart.

In conclusion, both the OnePlus 5 variants do extremely well at loading apps and a slight lag with the 6GB OnePlus 5 should not be a cause for concern and will likely be the more popular choice when considering that it’s Rs. 5,000 cheaper than the 8GB model.