SAFe is nowadays accepted globally by many of the top companies. The reason bind their acceptance of the same is still uncovered, although you will find several similar contents over internet. Here are some of the top reasons, why this is gaining popularity at such a rapid rate. As you go through them, you will also identify your need to go through the Leading SAFe Training. So, do not take your decision fast. Firstly get through the reasons, why companies are adopting it – scope to undergo the training is open for you.

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One of the strongest part of SAFe is its collaboration power, all the departments in a company will be collaborated with this technique. Most of the time, you will find that HR has taken a decision and that is not felt to be viable by the marketing team. Now, with the technique of collaboration upfront, such chances will abolish totally. All the teams will be sitting and collaborating with each other every time. Policy development and agenda fixing is hence becoming much easier now.

Cutting off product managers

For the last decades, product managers are taking a upper hand over the entire production process. The upper hand has become so much strong that it is harming the interest of the product owner too. SAFe has the ability to give the product owner a complete technical understanding in non technical style. Hence, he or she will not have to wait for the product managers to intervene. Policies ca be designed from the upper level, allowing the project managers to follow the orders. This is putting autonomy of the product managers again and is increasing the scope of profit earning more.

Identify dependency

It is very much important to identify the dependency of different departments. Due to the dependency factor, marketing team can stop their work, while waiting for the green signal from the production house. Production house can even stop their work for the green signal from HR department. While the dependent is waiting, the authority takes time and that delays the entire project. Now with SAFe the entire chemistry can be changed.


Another strong part that SAFe plays is in the transparency of the organizational works. In large corporate, the entire work flow is divided into two parts – the top management and the middle management. The top management decides and the middle management need to adjust to the scopes given to them. This ultimately hampers the organizational performance and at times even hamper the job security of the staffs. With close and transparent observation, open ended meetings are held and that is ensuring the smooth work flow in the company.

The aforesaid tings distinctly states why SAFe is stated to be revolutionary in the context of the large companies. In large companies, decision makers and decision followers remain at so much distant that disruption is sure to be followed at the middle. SAFe reduces and removes that distance and hence it is preferred in the corporate level. Go through the Leading SAFe Training In London and give your career a better choice.