There are several fields of study and degrees that have been receiving a lot of attention this past year. These degrees – usually known as trending fields – are becoming more popular for several reasons. An MBA, for instance, has always been popular among professionals. A degree in nursing, on the other hand, is popular due to the expanding healthcare system.

There is one other degree that is not only popular, but also very important: international relations masters degree. A master of art in international relations is among the best degrees to pursue in today’s modern world, with globalization and the global market affecting companies and governments alike. There are plenty of job opportunities you can get into as an international relations graduate.

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Working as a lobbyist for a corporation is a dream job. You get to travel to gorgeous countries for work. You will also be on the leading edge of change, working with local policy makers and governments and helping your company penetrate new markets in the process.

Today’s international relations graduate programs from Norwich University and other top universities include classes that will help you develop strong communications skills. You will also learn how to connect better with people of different cultural backgrounds.

There are other skills that are taught along the way, too. Research and analytics skills are essential for lobbyists, because you will be doing a lot of monitoring and analysis of legislation from multiple countries. You may even be invited to attend congressional hearings in different countries.


Another interesting profession to pursue with an international relations degree under your belt is a career in the diplomatic corps. It is a particularly rewarding career to explore, with top consulates and diplomatic staff earning more than $150,000 a year in salary and benefits. You also get to visit amazing countries and represent yours in the process.

In your role you will be focusing on issues such as commerce and trade. You can help more businesses enter the local market and expand globally from this position. You can also help effect change in other fields, including social, health and geo-politics.

It is worth noting that a career in the diplomatic corps will also grant you access to places that tourists can’t visit. Countries such as Haiti or Afghanistan, for example, are notoriously beautiful but not always easy to enter when on vacation.

Intelligence Specialist

A lot of international relations graduates are working in different positions in the intelligence community due to their analytics and data gathering skills. These two skills are some of the focus skills developed when you take the master’s degree.

A career in this field is not quite the James Bond-like, action-packed life that many would imagine, but it still involves a lot of travel and gives you the chance to explore remarkable topics, issues and updates from different parts of the world. It is also among the most rewarding jobs, especially if you love doing research and discovering new things.