A political science degree, and especially online masters in political science, can lead to a variety of different careers, all with great prospects and job satisfaction.  While a political science degree can be difficult, it can lead to many wonderful things. Here are just some of the fantastic career paths you could follow once you have graduated.

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Government Positions

A political science degree could see you take a job in political office, at either federal, state or local levels. Someone with in-depth knowledge gained during a political science degree could find work in many different areas of government. These include, but are not limited to:

  • City Planning
  • Legislature
  • CIA intelligence
  • Campaign manager
  • Politician
  • Congressional office staffer
  • Policy analyst
  • Immigration officer


Being an advocate means working on behalf of someone else. You can use your knowledge and skills to advise either an individual or group, or perhaps a whole community or charity organization, on their rights, represent them in discussions, or just to make sure they understand. A thorough knowledge of the law and government policies is a must for these jobs.


To become a lawyer, you will also need to attend law school, but a degree in political science would give you a fantastic base knowledge of law and government policy. You will also have a good understanding of international governments and their laws, as well as incredibly well developed critical thinking skills. All of these skills would be very useful to a lawyer.

Lobbyist Careers

Lobbyists lobby the government, on behalf of non-government organizations, in an attempt to change laws or get new ones passed. You would work negotiating with elected officials, to try and meet your client’s goals. A political science degree will give you the firm understanding of government needed to be great at this job.


Journalism is a career many previous political science graduates have gone into. Use your knowledge of both domestic and international governments and policies to help report the news. You could be a true specialist in your field, using your advanced knowledge and interest to make things easier for those without your expertise to understand. Journalism careers could come in the form of newspapers, online magazines, TV reporting or radio news presenting.


A political science degree would give you the knowledge needed to teach a variety of different subjects. These include:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Government
  • Social Studies
  • American government
  • International government
  • Law

Depending on what you wanted to teach this could be at any level, from elementary right up to college. Teaching is often a profession people go into after they have amassed some experience in another field which they can draw upon.

If you are looking at careers relating to an online degree in political science, it is important to recognize that it isn’t the same as political management, which is more to do with the application of the political theories studied in a political science degree. Use this guide from George Washington University to make sure you understand what both courses offer before you apply.

Majoring in political science is a great plan, so enroll on a course today and look forward to a fantastic future career.