Clenbuterol is a fairly common supplement for professional bodybuilders. However, it should be useful to remember that it is a scheduled substance and you would not get it over the counter for bodybuilding purposes. In this context, it should be interesting to note that Clen was initially developed in the labs as a pharmaceutical condiment for bronchodilation, providing help to asthma patients. Essentially, the compound dilates cell walls by stimulating the combustion of stored fat in cells, providing a boost of energy to a patient grasping for breath. Nevertheless, its fat burning effects soon became popular. It is among the most popular supplements that one can buy online without a prescription.

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Getting it online

As it is a scheduled substance, quite obviously there are a host of complex issues involved in obtaining clenbuterol. Although the internet provides a user with the benefits of anonymity, still it pays to be careful to avoid potential legal snares. On the other side of the picture, not all promised resources online are trustworthy and you may end up with a counterfeit Chinese product doing more harm than good. Your foremost priority should be to assess the reliability of a site selling Clenbuterol HCL.

The only method by which one can justify a good site is to verify its user experience well. Remember that a fake site would not bother to expend on providing scientific resources outlining the pros and cons of the product. Their marketing would be blatant and pushy, over a temporary web platform. The bottom-line is, if the site feels fishy, avoid it.

Understand its usage

An individual bodybuilder should be able to understand the usage of clen independently. It is natural to get influenced by peer reviews, but ultimately everyone should respect their personal adaptability. Clen is a hard compound, and it has several side effects on excess usage. Furthermore, since it grows cumulative tolerance, it is necessary to use it in such a way that the body can make use of it in regulated dosages. A common mistake made even by pro bodybuilders is to perceive that the boost of stamina is not working the very next day after taking the first dose. Actually, you should allow at least a week for the body to adapt with the first dose.

Invest your time in researching the right amount that one should use. Most importantly, one must remember that it is not a miracle drug working by itself. In fact, the fat released in the blood stream through the dilated tissues tend to return to the cells if you are not using up the brief window of boost with sufficient physical training. Use it to increase your reps and hold on to the upper threshold with daily practice before you take the next dose of clenbuterol HCL.  The side effects of this drug include cardiac hypertrophy, or an enlargement of the ventricles, so keep in mind to use it judiciously. Pro bodybuilders, accustomed with supplements, should never exceed 140 mcg as a daily dose (males), and 100 mcg for females.