Identity theft is primly involved with stealing others name and reputation. It is one of the fastest growing crimes greatly affecting millions of innocent people widely. The motives to do the theft are varied, and the final verdict is the original bearer of the identity as to face penalties, offence statement and sometimes get jailed.

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What you can call as identity theft?

It occurs when an imposer illegally uses your personal data such as name, driving license number, social security number, credit card details, date of birth and all other personal info identifying you as an individual.

This is mainly done to have personal loans, open bank accounts to transfer money earned illegally or conduct illegal activities.

Hundreds of college students have got affected as an offender has used their identity to do crimes and other non social activities. A student may not fall trapped to experience huge monetary loss, even then restoring correction the personal information and credits need to be done which may take valued time as well be expensive.

Why college studying students are targeted?

It happens because they are not conscious of such crime and easily lend their personal info without thinking twice. They are unknowledgeable about such crimes and the adverse impact of it in their life and future. Moreover, most of the students don’t have large credit limits or huge bank balance, thus they think themselves safe from such crimes.

As they regard every theft related to financial gain of the thief, they are less concern to secure their ID. They are unaware of the ways their personal info can be used to commit serious crimes, to achieve credit cards, personal loans, seek medical claims or even use your credit to buy valuable items.

Usually person whom you have shared room in hostel or shared your mail account details try to do such kind of thefts. They even portray like the student whose identity they are utilising to play prank on girls or make fake social ID.

There are multiple modes to secure your ID:

  • Apply for insurance against identity theft: There are many financial companies who have induced such insurances in favour of people to cover their monetary losses.
  • Contact a reliable identity securing company: In most of the countries there are reliable sources helping their clients to monitor their personal info not to be hacked by any imposters.
  • Never open your mail accounts before any of your associates: More often students offer their personal details to friends like password to open their social network site, link to their mail accounts or even the password of their ATM or credit cards which may later on become the cause of ID theft.
  • Always avoid carrying all your personal identify papers like Driving license, Social security card along with you.
  • Never leave your online mail boxes open to be accessed anybody present in the campus. Thus avoid doing any finance transactions through public computers.

There are genuine articles posted in websites to let you know about college identity theft or prevent college identity theft which are quite beneficial for every student to safeguard their identity against such theft.