A lot of people want to work in the music industry and make a meaningful difference. While there is always room for musicians, there is also a real need for music teachers. If you want to become a music teacher, you should start by enrolling in music college yourself. Not only will you learn valuable skills there, you will also be inspired by existing teachers, who do what you want to do.

Types of Music Teacher Career Paths

There are several types of music teacher that you could become. These include:

  • A school music teacher, in which you will work with children K-12 in the classroom. Your focus will usually not be on a single instrument, but rather on the theory of music, including beat recognition, reading notes, and so on. You may also coach the school band and design musical productions.
  • A music store teacher, which really is part of the wider music industry. It is really interesting work and you may even be involved in full studio work. You may not need a degree for this job, although it will certainly come in handy. Salaries are really good as well, you could earn as much as $100 an hour!
  • A music supervisor, consultant, or tutor, in which case you will need real and in-depth knowledge of music as a whole, and of a specific part of music, such as vocals or an instrument. You also have to be a manager in this case, being able to make critical decisions. You can earn an average of $65,000 per year in this role.
  • A university administrator, in which case you need to have a music and a teaching background. You will generally also have to hold a doctoral degree, although not necessarily in music or teaching. You can earn a whole lot of money in this profession, with averages reaching around $180,000 per year.
  • A private music teacher, which is a great job if you want to set your own hours and salaries. You do have to work very hard at finding clients to actually teach, but it is a very rewarding job overall, in which you can impart your love of music to the next generation.

These are just a few of the career options available to you if you want to have a career in music that doesn’t mean being a famous musician, but you want to teach music instead. Music is a beautiful form of art, one of the most ancient of all, and teaching it means that you will enable the next generation to convey emotions and stories through sound. The role music has played in the world is truly invaluable, and being able to play a part in continuing that role is incredibly important.

Do make sure you obtain a degree yourself, however. While it may not be a requirement for all positions, it is certainly preferable. Furthermore, it means you can take more pride in your own abilities, skills and knowledge as well.