Indoor rowers are one of the best exercising machines that you can settle for if you are looking forward to getting back in shape. These professional apparatuses are used by first timers as well as rowing champs to help them get back in the game or keep the game alive. In case that you are looking for a complete fitness solution, WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is the right choice for you. The machine is designed to cut fat, tone the body, strengthen muscle, increase bone endurance, improve the health of your lungs and heart, as well as improve the all over physical health.


Things you need to know about an Indoor Rower:

Indoor rowing is not much different than normal rowing. The motion is the same, with the only difference lying in the surroundings. While you have to go out and visit a rowing area to practice rowing on water, you can do the same exercise inside a gym or your home, with the help of the much convenient WaterRower Club Rowing Machine. Unlike actual rowing, exercising with WaterRower Club Rowing Machine ensures smoother exercise, with little to no adverse impact on your joint bones and your back muscles. It is geared towards fetching all the good fitness results for you, without implying the side effects.

Facts and Features of WaterRower Club Rowing Machine:

There are a number of things that have worked in for of WaterRower Club Rowing Machine at home and made it one of the most sought after indoor rowing machines in the world. Professional rowers and regular users have put forward great reviews in its favour and proved it the best indoor rowing machine. Some of the facts and features that prove its efficiency are-

  • The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a hand crafted indoor rower, made out of Ash Wood. The ash wood helps to absorb the vibrations and sounds.
  • The machine comes with a Water Flywheel which helps one to replicate the actual rowing motion and feel.
  • The Flywheel is nestled in a water tank. This ensures smooth, self regulated and quiet motions.
  • WaterRower Club Rowing Machine comes with a Series 4 performance monitor.
  • This performance monitor is used to track- the speed of the strokes, the stroke rate, intensity of the workout, heart rate, duration of workout and a number of other things.
  • The machine is sleek and weighs around 117 pounds. You can store it in an upright position, thus saving space.
  • In comparison to other indoor rowers, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is much smoother and avoids the usual jerking.


Why choose the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine?

In case that you are still not convinced, whether the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine will help you achieve your fitness goals, here is a list of benefits put forward by experts you will be able to enjoy on choosing it.

Maximum Working of MusclesExercising on the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine ensures the working of almost 84% of body. This renders strength and flexibility to each of these muscles.

Better Heart Health– The exercise ensures an increased functionality of the heart muscles. This increases the activity of the heart, allowing better pumping and flow of blood throughout the body.

Better Lung Health– The constant pulling and pushing motion on the machine needs proper and simultaneous breathing to complete the process efficiently. Hence the exercise trains your lung to breathe properly and utilise oxygen better by increasing your breathing capacity.

Increased Bone Strength– Regular exercise on the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine increases bone and muscle strength. Bones and muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders, back and pelvic are all influenced positively.

Whether you choose to believe the experts or try it to believe it, all these reasons are enough to help you decide with buying the best indoor rower in the market, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine.