In today’s economy, the future and stability of the job market still seems rather uncertain. The millions of people who are already in the work force realize that times have changed and job security isn’t what it used to be. What happens to the millions of young people who are now in college and not yet in the job market?

Colleges face a different recruiting challenge these days due to the current economy and rising costs of living. The many students who are getting prepared to enter college are looking closely at college choices. The cost of college tuition is a major commitment for most families, so choosing the right college is a major decision. It will have an impact on the student and their family long time. College recruiting has become much more competitive, and online college classrooms with centimeter cubes have become competitors in college recruitment.

When choosing a college, studies show that one of the strongest influences affecting a student’s decision can be a visit to the college. Students and their families may visit two to five colleges before making a final decision, so the school tour is often critical to the final choice. The first thing visitors see when visiting a college campus is the overall appearance of the college. A beautifully landscaped campus with well-maintained grounds will be the first impression for most visiting families and students, and as we all know, first impressions are extremely important. .

Although landscaping may seem insignificant to a student’s choice of a college, it’s an important factor in making the student feel at home on campus. A campus that is clean and well-landscaped gives a feeling of credibility, security and successful management. These are important attributes to a family who are getting ready to enroll their child in a college. Every family wants to make sure that their child is secure and well taken care of when going off to college, especially when far from home.

In addition to campus appearance, campus maintenance is also important to the tour. Families are comparing colleges and tuitions, and decisions are often made quickly. It’s important to make sure that buildings are clean and systems, such as air conditioning, heating and lighting are functioning properly. A dirty cafeteria with bad air conditioning could be enough to sway the student’s decision to another college. The campus tour has a major impact on a student’s choice of colleges. Cutting corners on the campus appearance and maintenance could cost the school an important enrollment.