Like any other business, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and network marketing need the ability to create and get the attention of potential MLM professionals. How you can get in front of your network to promote your service or product? How you can recruit more individuals and create your downline sales organization? How you can train and encourage the team you have built? One effective and simple way of doing all this is through bulk text messaging or BulkSMS. Here are six ways to use SMS for MLM and network marketing to boost sales and improve MLM recruiting efforts.


  • Give information on demand

Text message auto-responders are a simple and great way to give information to potential leads. Set up your auto-response, and just have people text in automatically to get a link to more information on your site about getting involved with your company and selling. Post on social media, advertise on flyers and tell your friends and family that how to get involved by sending bulk SMS to receive more details about selling.

  • Provide incentives for sellers

Humans are goal oriented and reward driven. Give incentives to your sales team using text messages to send out alerts to your network, telling them about incentives that you are giving for some selling points. You can also send inspiration quotes via transactional SMS, to keep morale and revenue high.

  • Notify downline sales team of new products

As your business grows and expands even your inventory increases. Keep members of your network updated and notified about the latest information of any new solutions by sending transaction SMS via API. The efficiency of text message will ensure that your leads get this information immediately, and are equipped with the latest knowledge on your products, naturally benefiting business.

  • SMS reminders for sales webinars/ training sessions

Once you have engaged a network of leads, the next step is sales training. Keep your network updated about the upcoming training sessions and webinars through the text message alerts. Just have your leads subscribe to your SMS upon recruitment and send out alerts every time there is a forthcoming training session. People check their SMS more often than voicemail or email, so this will help you ensure that no one misses a session and your network of leads will be all set to go in no time.

  • Create MLM leads by SMS

Creating quality MLM leads can be a daunting task. One way to reach to quality prospects is to advertise a text message keyword on your direct mail, email signatures, printed fliers and everywhere else where you usually promote your services. Interested prospects who see your ad can then SMS your keyword, while you gather their contact details as a lead.

  • Give digital visiting cards

Today, going paper-free is the latest trend. Instead of giving your visiting card to a potential MLM member, let people text into shared short code number and automatically get an SMS with information like your name, contact number, email and website. The world MLM is all about your network and having digital visiting cards is an effective way to create your network of potential leads. In addition, you can’t lose or forget a digital visiting card.

So, find a smart messaging service today and get started to take your MLM and network marketing to next level.