As a parent, you want to do everything you possibly can for your teenage son or daughter. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible when they’re out of control and they just won’t listen to you. Though this can just be a phase, many teens to reckless and dangerous things when they’re going through this phase.

That’s why you need to act quickly to make sure your teenage son or daughter doesn’t do any serious harm. Use this guide to help you figure out your best options for getting out of control teens back in line again.

Does Talking Work?

A lot of parents assume that they can just sit down with their kids and talk once their behavior reaches a boiling point. The fact is that most teens really aren’t going to listen to their parents. Think back to when you were that age and you’ll realize that you probably didn’t think your parents knew much about the world or what you should be doing either.

You can try to sit down with your children and have a productive conversation, but if that doesn’t work you’ll need to do something else. Make sure that something else comes before your children are in harm’s way.

School Counselors

School counselors can be helpful when it comes to dealing with teenagers who are disruptive in class or otherwise acting out in the school. Most of the time though, school counselors can’t handle problems you might have with your teenager outside of the school environment and at home.

That makes using school counselors only a partial solution for most parents with troublesome teens.

Consider Boot Camp

Almost every parent out there has heard about boot camp for teenagersĀ  that are out of control at this point, but if you’re like many, you never thought you would have to send your kids. While it might seem like a last resort, reputable boot camp programs like those at Wood Creek Academy can be very effective for teens.

Sometimes all a teenager needs is to be out of their environment and with adults who can really help them in a time of crisis. When your teenager gets back home you might notice a completely different person.

It’s your job as a parent to make the tough decisions, so don’t allow your child to mess up their future before it even gets started.