A whole new series of frankly amazing technological developments are helping to bring Afghanistan into the future. While this Central Asian nation has always possessed more than it share of natural mineral and human resources, it is only now that Afghanistan is slowly but surely becoming a technological powerhouse as well.

A Restless And Resourceful Spirit Of Independence

While officially sanctioned service providers are doing their part to aid in this amazing social and technological progress, other individuals and companies are also working to help Afghanistan reclaim its rightful place among the vanguard of fully independent, self sustaining members of the world community. As the eyes of the world watch in astonished admiration, a restless and resourceful spirit of independence is asserting itself once more.

Using “Do It Yourself” Logic To Empower Change In Afghanistan

There are a whole new host of companies, such as Afghan Wireless¬† and several others, who are encouraging native citizens to assert their right to access the Internet freely without fearing the threat of reprisal from reactionary groups like the Taliban. While native Afghans receive encouragement and assistance from these companies, they are also using “Do It Yourself” logic to empower their own brand of positive change.

An amazing new development is occurring in the city of Jalalabad. A group of citizens there are developing their own Internet network from components rescued from local trash heaps and ash bins all across the city. A receiver for wireless access can literally be built of junk for a grand total of less than the equivalent of 60 American dollars.

A Working Internet Made Out Of Cast Off Debris

The combination of elements of home made trash and 21st century wireless technology works like a charm. More importantly, it is playing a huge part in bringing the citizens of Jalalabad together to touch base on family matters and commercial transactions alike.

The components that are currently being used to build this amazing DIY technological marvel include tin cans, wooden boards, cardboard, discarded wire, and all manner of cast off plastic. Once assembled in the right manner, these abandoned bits of junk compose a sounding board. This sounding board gives access to the Internet just as reliably as any Western manufactured laptop computer or iPhone.

Internet Invention Is Galvanizing The Afghan Population

One surprising development that has come out of this recent surge of Internet invention is the galvanizing of the local population. While the current craze for DIY Internet originated in Jalalabad, it is has since spread to other regions of the country, and shows every sign of becoming a permanent fixture in Afghan society.

This amazing new trend of DIY Internet is one of the very best things that has happened in Afghanistan in the last several years. Personal and business communication is now flooding the country with a new wave of entrepreneurial activity that will eventually see Afghanistan opening up its borders to international commerce on a vastly profitable scale.