With the advent of technology, the younger squad is seemingly more acquainted with gadgets and all the wonderful things stemming out of it such as apps, games and whatnot. It’s more accessible and engaging than the traditional classes. The soon catching up methodology is slowly crept its way into apps which are more student friendly and easily available. What’s more? Most of them are absolutely free. Getting materials has always been a breeze with online stores like Paytm offers all-encompassing educational material and easy transactions but what is it about these that has struck a chord with the youth?

More enriching


Besides the graphics and mesmerizing delivery, the pedagogical element is duly taken care of which makes it all the more powerful. When the child sees something and visualizes it, he remembers it better. It’s proven time and again.



Since apps are synonymous with most of us today given the popularity of smart phones, it has become a child’s play to get hold of a decent app which covers the subjects of your interest. Always pinning on learning the guitar lessons? Or wanting to take up those Spanish classes? Wait no more. Learn and grow on the go.



Since it’s all on the world wide web, it goes without saying that there’s unrestricted free slow of knowledge. You can even design an app of your own and help others. This way you get to hone your skills while you also let others grow along with you. Nothing more empowering and enriching than that. This not only opens up doors for you but also creates opportunities broadening your horizons.

Broad spectrum


When it comes to apps, it’s not just the educational ones garnering all the glory and fame. Most of the service providers have launched their own app to give their customer the kingly treatment they deserve. For example, Uber has come up with an amazing scheme. Availing Uber events code allows your guests to arrive at the venue on time and in most cases, it’s absolutely free of cost! Speaking of educational opportunities, if Uber can do it then so can you! Gear up, Gen Y!