The demand for inflatable bouncers and slides has gone really up now days. There are many people, business owners and schools who wish to have these items for their different events and occasions. The best part associated with these items is that they can fit for just any occasion or celebration time. whether it’s a Christmas party, or a birthday party or a work event; having the best inflatable bouncer and slide can always offer your guests and kids the best time to spend while staying entertained for a long time. The important thing is that these products are now coming both for adults and kids. They are prepared in such a way that they can handle the weight of both adults and kids seamlessly.

When you are searching for the best five suppliers for inflatable bouncer and slides, the name will surely appear at the top. They have the biggest collection for inflatable products like car tents, inflatable castles, bouncers and slides. They also produce some of the most amazing inflatable dome tents and transparent tents that you can use at different outdoor places like camping sites, picnic spots and at the backyard of your home. Using these items can really generate a great look and feel for the place as well. The best thing is that the price assigned for these items is not that big as far as your budget is concerned. The inflatable bouncers and slides produced by are coming in different sizes and they can also be customized as per the customer’s requirements. All you need to turn on the air blower to push the air into these inflatable items. Most of these items take near about fifteen minutes to set up. These items are made of certified grade PVC tarpaulin materials and thus highly durable on the use. These items are fire retardant, water proof and UV protected as well.


Zhengzhou Huaao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.:

This manufacture has really managed to draw attention for its Crayon Commercial Inflatable Bouncer that comes with a free CE/UL blower as well as repair kit. The price is good and this item is highly durable on the use. This item can be used at the outdoor space without any worry.


Guangzhou Huaao Toys Limited:

When you are looking for the best inflatable bouncer and slides for your kid’s birthday party so that his friends can stay busy, you should have a look at the Commercial Tangled Inflatable Bouncer announced by this manufacturer. It comes with free blower and a carry bag that carries the repair kit. Ordering this product will also allow you to take advantage of the free shipping and the product will be delivered right at your door step for free as well.


Guangzhou QinDa Inflatable Co, Ltd:

They produce some of the most amazing inflatable bouncers and slides that can be used at different venues and events. Adding the Chongqi Inflatable Bounce House for the event can really add a distinct flavor for it.


CHINA BOYI Inflatable industrial Co Ltd:

This manufacturer has come up with the most unique inflatable bouncers and slides for the market. It’s the cartoon bouncer house and the jumping castle announced by this brand can be added for just any event or party for which you want to add a distinct style and fun.