The job market is ridiculously competitive and even the brightest people with a gorgeous CV often seems to be sitting jobless. Fragile economy in many parts of the world contributes to the number of jobless youth – and the number is rising every day at an alarming rate. Even though a university graduate is supposed to know how to tackle the real life hurdles they are about to face; they often don’t seem to know.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one very desirable credential in a job CV. Project Management Institute is the official training provider for a PMP degree, and that’s a very honorable certificate.

If this is your first time on PMP researches, you may want to know more about PMP Certification.

About PMP Certification

To the biggest industries and companies, a PMP certificate is highly recognized and rewarded. The certificate is generally widely accepted in most parts of the world. PMP certification is globally accepted, and its training is provided worldwide as well. There are many professional degrees that are mostly focused on specific majors or regions, but PMP is truly global – there’s no regional bound to stop someone’s dreams from wandering. Those who earn a PMP certificate are generally called PMPs. Being a PMP is rewarding as it brings global exposure, more opportunities and definitely a brighter career. There are many institutes that provide Online Training for PMP Courses.

What does PMP get you?

PMP certification will require you money, effort and time. Before spending so many precious investments of yours, you may want to know what benefits you get from a PMP certification.

Briefly put, a PMP certification increases the opportunity of getting better jobs, earning better salary and building up a better career then you have ever had. Of course, you can walk the same road without having to pay for a PMP certification and learning stuff by yourself. But a PMP certificate demonstrates that you have many leadership qualities that will clearly make your CV stand out from the rest.

Through statistics, it has been seen that PMP certified employees earn nearly 17 percent more than normal employees do. There are other influencing factors like job performance and past records – but PMP certification alone improves the opportunity a lot more.

PMP Signifies your Global Skill

When you have a degree on Project Management Professional skills, the employers will know you have gone through a globally recognized training and they can rely on you to get their projects done in due time – or maybe way before the due date. In real life works, this is an important quality to have.

Requirements for PMP Certification

PMP certification requires real life job experience to enroll. Unless you are about to deal with plenty of projects in your future career, there may be no use of this course. In the course, you will learn all fundamental basics. To enroll, a candidate should have two years of high schooling, and four years of bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The courses under this degree cost around $1500 to $4000, and the rate may vary across different regions. The final exam to earn your certificate may cost around $500.


The importance of having a PMP certificate is immense. Fresh graduates who are willing to work in the heavily project reliant corporate industries, should opt for a PMP degree as a part of their basic higher education. Cost may become a concern, but you get lot more in return.