Recently we have seen great innovation in the tobacco industry in the form of e-cigarettes, which has certainly revolutionized the industry. E-cigarettes have penetrated into our society in such a short period of time that all of us are aware of them and many of us even have used it. But still there are people who wonder what actually these electronic cigarettes are and how these are different from the traditional cigarettes. Many people raise question over its elements or question regarding its usage in the public places.

Electronic cigarettes are basically the battery powered vaporizer containing the nicotine rather than the tobacco as in the traditional cigarettes. Over the short period, its sales have increased enormously and the main reason behind this is the fact that it is less harmful than the traditional cigarettes. Many researches have been done comparing the contents and elements of both, e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, is done and the result of such researches is encouraging for smokers so those who smoked traditional cigarettes have now switched to e-cigarettes. Moreover, e cigarette is also recommended to people who are trying to quit smoking and since quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do, so doctors recommend at times to first switch over to these e-cigarettes and then leave smoking gradually. Another reason that has made this product so successful is the low cost in the long run to the consumer as compare to the traditional cigarettes.

With such positives, e-cigarettes demands have increased tremendously and so have the vape shops that sell the e-cigarettes. Such as (One of the best electronic cigarette company) over recent times, even those small shop fronts have reopened which were previously closed due to the recession. These have been converted into the vape shops after acknowledging the increasing demand of the product. And surely the electronic cigarettes seem to be better accepted in the society as compare to the traditional cigarettes. Better acceptability is due to the general perception in the society over the e-cigarettes as these are viewed as less harmful. The consumer reviews over the use of electronic cigarettes clearly reveals that users are really happy to use these as they believe that it is helping them in quitting cigarettes. Some of them even claim that they have quit smoking due to these e-cigarettes as they view it as not a habit rather something that can be quitted anytime. Consumers have openly express their views over the e-cigarettes at online forums and other social gathering to convince those who are traditional smokers to switch over to it as they feel that e-cigarettes are environment friendly and less harmful. Acceptability of e-cigarettes among the consumers seems to be really high as they are aware of the drawbacks of the traditional cigarettes and as a result they are now more inclined towards the e-cigarettes.