Each and every one single user of Windows Operation system must have at least for once experienced in your life the message, which means that you are short of memory. The Low disk space alert can be pretty irritating at times, as you will not be able to use the applications on your system that you want. And mark my words, this is just the beginning. In fact, it is due to this low disk space issue, more different kind of issues creep in, which ultimately leads to system crash at one point of time.


Now the main question that comes to mind while addressing these issues is why do we face these issues in the first place? Well, the answer is simple, due to lack of proper disk management and organization of data that you have on your computers. When a computer is brand new, there are practically no issues with space with it, but as time passes you stack more data in your system, certain parts get clogged up with unnecessary data. The simplest way to avoid issues related to low disk space is to keep enough amount of space in the drive where you have installed Windows.

Now if things do not work fine still, there is always the better option. The use of Disk Management software can certainly ease out the trouble making things absolutely fine. Now, the next question is which Disk Management software to go for. Well, to be true, EaseUS Partition Master Free is certainly the best option that you have in hand. Speaking from personal experience, the variety of choice that EaseUS Partition Master Free version 10.5 provides will simply serve all your needs in regard to proper and efficient disk management.

EaseUS Partition Master Free version 10.5 offers two main uses. The first and the primary use being the ability to merge disk partitions at ease and the other being the opportunity to make a complete back up of data from any given location on the system. To be true, the main trouble with merging disk partition is that sometimes some data is lost during merging and thus causing inconvenience to the users. This is where I find EaseUS Partition Master Free version 10.5 extremely reliable.

The software will provide you with the ability to merge partitions in case you are running a bit low on disk space on one drive. Lets us take the C drive as an example. Suppose you do not have a lot of space left in the C drive but you need to install something there only. This is trouble but not for EaseUS Partition Master Free version 10.5. The software will make a complete back up of the D drive and then store it in an image file. Later, it will clean the D drive and merge it with C drive. Thus, neither your data is lost nor you are troubled with low disk space issues.