Storz and Bickel have manufactured many volcano vaporizers, but they have not built any portable vaporizer. So, this time they came with two twins of vaporizers: the crafty portable vaporizer and the mighty portable vaporizer. The mighty vaporizer has bigger size, whereas the crafty vaporizer has the small size which can fit into the pocket. The crafty vaporizer has the plastic body which is quite a questionable feature, so let’s look at the features of the crafty vaporizers.


The crafty vaporizer has the flat plastic body, which can get quite thin while the device gets heated. So, these two geniuses have made the maze of ridges in the cooling unit, so that the surface area is expanded and the heat sticks to the surface rather reaching to the top of the body. It has the best cooling unit available within the device. Also, it gets cool down within few seconds. The cooling unit is available at the top of the device and also the body has the ridges, which will not allow you to feel the temperature when the device is over heated.

The crafty vaporizer has the lithium ion battery which can be recharged. This battery will give you the backup of 1.5 hours upon continuous usage of the device. Also, it has the auto shut off feature where you can set the time, though the app so that the device will get switched off for long use. This device supports the pull through charging feature which will help you to enjoy the presence of herbal blends while charging. Also, it supports charging through the USB adapter, the adapter which charges your other device and your smart phone. You can get this adapter anywhere in the market at less price and charge your device while travelling.

The crafty vaporizer has the two preset temperatures available within the device, and Storz and Bickel believe that the two preset temperatures are enough for the use of this device. But, if the consumers want to tweak the temperatures according to their comfort, then they can download the Crafty smart phone app, so that they can make the changes in the temperatures between 40 degree and 210 degree Celsius. Also, they can change to Basic temperature from the Booster temperature, with the help of double clicking on the power button double time.


The crafty vaporizer has the whole new features from the manufacturer of this portable vaporizer. Storz and Bickel have built this mind blowing device with the detailed quality. It just has the cooling unit and just one power button, the rest of the features can be controlled via the smart phone app. So, this allows you to have the portability feature, which will allow the device to fit into your pocket with ease. This device is very easy to use and also the features are quite simple. You can fill the aid into the tray easily and in less than 30 seconds. So, this device has many advantages which are considered as the best portable vaporizer.