One of the positive things I started my career as a university professor, is that I have taken up the healthy habit of reading texts and scientific articles related to education in general and social education in particular.

EducationInstigated by these readings is not the first time I make me more aware that the bubbling of professional activity, we forget why we do things, good intentioned inertia at a dizzying pace intervention or perhaps lack of accountability would be better to point out that lack of awareness embarked.

Innovate …

How many times has joined the Social Education to creativity …

“You yourself must be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Since the race will show us the different paradigms and critical we conquered the heart … and in practice, our steps away from the “utopia” Paper driver of change.

In this sense, in my opinion, the idea of innovation as a revolution, a radical change has not helped to land and to value the sum of small changes.

Innovation is not put everything upside down , is to think beyond the here and now, beyond what was done and what is being done.

Innovation is also small changes, since the sum of these is the origin of Innovation capitalized.

As a start, a question, as a trigger interrogation …. Could do better? … And how?

Being innovative is not the most comfortable but the most rewarding in my opinion option. What’s more satisfying to build, to invent beyond the mere reproduction of what already exists?

“Innovation is a risky activity whose main risk is not practicing.” Jorge Wagensberg.

Attached to this idea of risk, is the attitude of daring to try, to dare to experiment to understand that we err again and again and that is the only way to innovate, to go further … that the error should not be treated as a failure, but as a necessary and positive to get closer to the answer step.

Attached to the idea of taking risks, is learning to live with uncertainty.

It is a necessary innovator learning to accept that we live in a changing world, filled with such amazing people as unique.

If we grasp this issue, we will be vigilant and attentive to reality with all senses, curious as if every day was the first of our educational practice.

“A creative adult is a child who has survived” Albert Einstein

On the other hand, say that innovate alone, as a hero comics DC, can be exhausting, seeing us at the mercy of our alter ego in less than a rooster crows.

A colleague asked me how I fought the syndrome called “the solitude of Social Educator”. To which I replied that promoting projects with others and other professionals.

“Not all doors open to our call, but without calling them we will not have to know.”

Innovation is easier with the help of others, indeed, is prescribed for mental health and has beneficial effects such as contrast, broadmindedness and a more comprehensive and powerful intervention.

In this way, we will not be a hero alone, but an innovative team able.

I say finally, that the Social Education and people-professionals that we are, maybe we should listen, so once said it was one of the greatest icons of creativity and innovation …

“I want to put a ‘ding “in the universe” Steve Jobs