Many of us love reading. And reading does not necessarily refer to academic reading. Many of us just read for fun and entertainment. Traditionally we know that books are the only source of reading and acquiring knowledge. But a relatively new way of reading has evolved in the past few years. Electronic books or more popularly known as eBooks are something that are easily available on the web. One can easily download any eBook from sites according to their wish and keep it with them forever. From novels to academics, it consists all of it.

Novels as eBooks:

 Novels are something than many of us enjoy reading. It helps one refresh his mind and keeps him involved until the novel is not completed. The best thing about a good novel is it does not let the reader leave it incomplete. The reader is bound to complete the novel if he develops interest in it. Many people are in a habit of completing a novel within a day. But purchasing so many costly novels does not feel good on the wallet. So novels in the form of eBooks are working as a boon for its lovers. They can easily download the novels for free and read them whenever they want to. Keeping your favorite novel in your device isn’t it fun. You can read it again and again, any time you want to. It even prevents you from carrying think and heavy books from place to place. You just need to carry your device with you.

Best Sites for Downloading:

Now the question is which sites are the best for downloading the novels. Some of the best sites which one can use for downloading are:

  • FreeBookSpot:  This site has a free download for 4485 eBooks that ranges in 96 categories.

  • Free-eBooks:   This site has a great and wide collection of fun and entertaining books. It also has impressive fiction and nonfiction sections.

  • 4eBooks:  This site has a wide collection of eBooks on computer programming. Each eBook has a related description and review which makes it easy for the user to select the right book.

  • Project Gutenberg:  this is probably the most renowned site for free eBooks. It provides eBooks in various formats for iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle and many more.

  •  The best thing about this site is it provides reviews, recommendations and titles from its users for the various free novel pdfs. It also had a wide range of categories of eBooks