Do muscle building supplements really help you get a fit body?

Lifting heavy weights has many benefits, from improving brain function to boosting muscle strength. Those who lift weights might be familiar with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). They are extremely popular within the fitness industry. However, a recent research suggests the popular muscle building supplements are ineffective when taken in isolation. The study, involving the universities of Exeter and Birmingham and published in Frontiers in Physiology, show that while BCAA supplements do stimulate the muscle building response in individuals after they lift weights, other muscle-building supplements are far more effective.

Other supplements that contain all necessary amino acids stimulate a greater muscle growth response, which suggests that taking BCAA supplements alone is not the best way to optimise muscle growth with weight training. The scientists also investigated how effective the supplements were at stimulating the machinery inside the muscle itself that leads to muscle growth. They found that while BCAA drinks stimulate the body’s muscle building systems, they lack some essential amino acids that are necessary to support a maximal muscle growth response.

Some supplements lack a special class of amino acids that are necessary for maximum muscle growth.

Professor Kevin Tipton, Chair in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of Stirling, said: “Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and the special class of amino acids, known as BCAA, stimulate the muscle growth response. These supplements are considered to be an important part of the nutrition plan for many body builders, weightlifters and others seeking muscle growth. Our results show that the common practice of taking BCAA supplements in isolation will stimulate muscle protein synthesis – the metabolic mechanism that leads to muscle growth – but the total response will not be maximal because BCAA supplements do not provide other amino acids essential for the best response.”

He added, “A sufficient amount of the full complement of amino acids is necessary for maximum muscle building, following exercise. Athletes interested in enhancing muscle growth with training should not rely on these BCAA supplements alone.” The BCAA supplement enhanced the muscle growth response slightly compared to a placebo, however the muscle’s response was more than double when a whey protein supplement containing the equivalent amount of BCAA that included the other amino acids, was taken. A group of trained weightlifters took part in the study. They took the supplement in a dose equivalent to 20 grams of whey protein, after a resistance training session in the gym.

Off the beaten track: Children from upper primary school in Varanasi get lessons from District Magistrate

The district magistrate of Varanasi dons a different role every Saturday when he reaches the upper primary school in Orderly Bazar to teach students.

DM Yogeshwar Ram Mishra adopted the school on June 27 and decided to teach children from classes 1 to 8.

“I adopted the school to improve the quality of education. As a part of the initiative, I teach students for about an hour every week. There is tremendous improvement in the knowledge and confidence of the students,” he said.

Mishra teaches arithmetic, English and science in an interactive manner. He enters any classroom randomly and asks students what they would like to study and teaches them whatever they ask for.

District Magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra taking class in Varanasi.

“Improving quality in primary and upper primary schools may be a challenge, but is not impossible. It can be improved with little efforts,” Mishra said.

He also discusses with students the importance of plants and trees in environmental conservation and asks the students to plant saplings on the school premises.

Children have a friendly interaction with Mishra. “Children interact with me and sometimes ask questions related to cricket and history. It is great to see that my effort has boosted the confidence of the students,” he said.

He said many students wanted to speak English. Mishra is also planning to take the children to a movie in a week or two to provide them exposure.

The school has just nine children each in classes 6, 7 and 8. As many as 44 students are enrolled in classes 1 to 5.

The school has poor infrastructure. After Mishra’s initiative, a corporate company has come forward and showed interest in improving the infrastructure of the school under its corporate social responsibility.

It would whitewash the school’s walls and would beautify the building. At the same time, Mishra is making efforts to equip schools with facilities like a mini-lab and projectors.

Do those who abused Oxford student for solving JEE paper need to get their IQ checked?

The violent reaction to a third-year UK university student ’s online post that he “ breezed” through a Joint Entrance Exam or JEE question paper (entrance test for engineering colleges in India), in “a third of the allowed time, and with 100% correct answers,” leaves no doubt that the cyber world is overpopulated by creatures with a singular lack of intelligence.

Jack Fraser, a third-year physics student at a top university in the UK, was at the receiving end of vicious online harassment after he reportedly solved the JEE paper on being requested on the online question and answer platform Quora to solve it.

Fraser had taken pains to explain that he was a third-year student attempting the paper “for a laugh” as it was meant for 17-year-old students much younger than him, straight out of schools. So those who hit back at him obviously did not comprehend English or simply did not have the IQ to understand what he meant.

The JEE is just an exam for entrance to engineering colleges in India. Period. Does it spoil some vast eternal plan if it’s solved in 30 minutes instead of three hours?

Those who hit back at the third-year student of physics in a top college in UK obviously did not comprehend English or simply did not have the IQ to understand what he meant.

Anyone personally affronted by someone else simply solving a question paper of an exam (no matter how important) should be seriously worried about his or her health and take an appointment with a psychologist to pinpoint the reason for this misplaced outrage.

They can also join nursery classes to relearn English, develop a sense of humour to take things lightly and try not to get offended by harmless Quora posts – especially ones not intended to offend.

Also, those who issue death threats or send out obscene pictures to others expose themselves in more ways than one. They make it evident that theirs is a sad, dark little world which has robbed them completely of the ability to think, behave or understand the consequence of their actions.

Poor Night Sleep May Increase Alzheimer's Risk: How To Get Better Sleep According To Scientists

Long periods of poor sleep can boost levels of proteins linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers of a new study have revealed.

Sleep And Alzheimer’s Disease

In the study published in the journal Brain, Yo-El Ju, from the Washington University in St. Louis, and colleagues found evidence suggesting that quality sleep is crucial for helping the body clear away amyloid and tau.

The compounds are believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease. Chronic deprivation of quality sleep over long periods can raise the likelihood of amyloid and tau building up and cause the neurological disease.

“Slow wave activity disruption increases amyloid-β levels acutely, and poorer sleep quality over several days increases tau. These effects are specific to neuronally-derived proteins, which suggests they are likely driven by changes in neuronal activity during disrupted sleep,” the researchers wrote in their study.

The researchers said that while one bad night should not be a cause for worry, they stressed the importance of working to get better sleep at night. Besides Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, there are other health problems attributed to poor quality sleep.

A study published in May suggests that lack of sleep can cause the brain to cannibalize itself. Sleep problems are also tied to increased risk for diabetes in men, weight gain, and increased crash risk for drivers.

“We should all be working to sleep at the better end of our abilities, because it does seem to make a difference,” said Ju.

Getting Better Sleep

Scientific studies offer hints on how to get better sleep at night. A study published in the journal Sleep Science and Practice on Monday, July 10, showed that having a purpose in life is linked to less sleep disturbance.

Researchers found that people who felt that their lives have purpose tend to have better quality sleep compared with those who did not. They are also less likely to suffer from sleep apnea.

Experts frown on using sleeping pills to get sleep but researchers have suggested a safe and better alternative to sleep medications: exercise.

“There are more solid studies recently that looked at people clinically diagnosed with insomnia disorder, rather than self-described poor sleepers,” said Christopher Kline, from the University of Pittsburgh. “The results show exercise improves both self-reported and objective measures of sleep quality, such as what’s measured in a clinical sleep lab.”

Sleep experts also say that sticking to a sleep schedule, healthy diet, having a restful environment, and limiting daytime naps can boost a person’s chances of getting better sleep at night.

11 Ways to Get Enough Protein in Your Diet

The many benefits of protein have been well-researched and proven in medical studies. In fact, it is extremely essential to include adequate amount of protein throughout the day for your physical wellbeing, to repair muscles, manage blood sugar levels, to provide immunity and strength and help in weight loss. If you don’t consume enough protein on a day to day basis, it can lead to several health problems. Look for these symptoms as they are indicators of insufficient dietary protein:

11 Ways to Get Enough Protein in Your Diet

1. Poor mental focus
2. Lethargy and Fatigue
3. Slow recovery from cold and sore throat
4. Food cravings
5. Muscle weakness
6. Weight gain

It is extremely important to know the quality and quantity of protein needed on daily basis. The highest quality of protein is that, which includes all the essential amino acids and is bio-available to the human body. Of all the essential amino acids, the following four are critical for strength and recovery – Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Glutamine. A decline in any of these can lead to fatigue and muscle wastage. Here are some natural sources of protein for balanced nutrition.

1. Eggs:  Research suggests that egg protein is highly bio- available and both the eggwhite and the yolk help support muscle building and strength. Eggs are abundant in leucine, one of the most essential amino acids. Try including Omega-3 enriched eggs which contain 6 grams of protein in 1 egg. Also, recent human studies have confirmed that eggs do not increase your risk of cardio-vascular diseases.


2.Paneer or Cottage Cheese

: Around 15 grams in half a cup of paneeris a great way to up your protein and most Indian families would love to include in their diets. It is especially beneficial as a late-night snack.


3. Dahi or Yogurt

: Yogurt provides around 23 grams protein per bowl plus the added benefits of gut friendly bacteria and bone strengthening calcium.

4. Milk: With around 8 grams of protein in a cup, enjoy your glass of smoothie or milkshake for breakfast. Try to get milk from cows raised by natural and organic farming methods.


milk new 620

5. Fish and seafood

: They are the most healthful foods you can consume. They are great for athletes and people who are recovering from an ailment as they are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids known as EPA and DHA. The Indian Tilapia fish is a wonderful brain and muscle food. You can also include sardines, salmon, mussels, shrimps, red-snapper, and oysters for their high protein and mineral content.

fish in butter sauce

6. Chicken: Go for the organic chicken that is raised naturally. A broth made with chicken bones is a power house of good quality proteins and collagen to build and repair your muscles.

grilled chicken

7. Lentils: Lentils need to be combined with rice, wheat, or corn to make it a complete protein with an abundant dose of all essential amino acids. So, thumbs-up to dal and rice as an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. Also, sprouts is a great way to get easily absorbable protein with fiber and B and C Vitamins to build immunity.


8. Red meat: Lean goat or lamb meat that is commonly eaten in our country is a major source of protein plus an excellent source of Iron and Zinc. Women of child bearing age must include this superfood in their diet if they are non- vegetarian.

red meat 620

9. Nuts and seeds

: These great snacks to add protein in your daily diet include peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and seeds like pumpkin, chia, flax, and sunflower. Remember not to heat or roast the seeds as this kills the healthy fatty acids they contain. Also, do not buy processed and packaged nuts as they are full of sodium.


10. Green peas

:  1 cup of green peas contains 7.9 grams of protein which is almost same as a cup of milk. So, vegetarians can enjoy a sabzi with matar-paneer and load up on their daily protein requirement.

rice peas

11. Amaranth: Native to India, amaranthladoos and other such treats have been a part of our diet for long. This Indian grain is abundant in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and iron and provides 9 grams of protein in a cup of cooked grains.


These are few useful protein choices you could add to your daily diet whether you want to build muscle, prevent disease, boost immunity or simply lose weight. You must get your daily protein requirement that is around 46 grams for an average woman and 56 grams for men. Your daily requirements change if you are super active or an athlete.

Disabled students won’t get free hostel facilities at rehab university if they fail in exams

Divyang (specially abled) students who fail in their exams at Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University will not be eligible for the university’s free hostel and mess facilities.

Vice chancellor prof Nishith Rai chaired an important meeting on Wednesday to deliberate on this and other new rules governing hostel allotment and occupancy.

The new hostel regulations were approved in the meeting after the discussion, said Prof AP Tiwari, academic advisor to vice chancellor and spokesperson for the university.

Only those specially abled students, who clear their exams and have at least 75% attendance, will get the free facilities

Only those specially abled students, who clear their exams and have at least 75% attendance, will get the free facilities. The hostel allotment will be done on merit.

Only those local divyang students who live over 20 km from the university will get hostel facilities. Local non-divyang students will not get hostel facilities.

The university has fixed the maximum stay permitted in hostels.

Students pursuing a diploma can stay in hostels for two years, those doing graduation can be there for three years, postgraduate students for two years and PhD scholars for three years. Meals will be served according to a daily pre-charted menu.

The food quality in the mess will be constantly monitored. The regulations also provide for strict action against those indulging in indiscipline and unlawful activities. FIR will be lodged against such students at the nearest police station.

The students and their parents will be required to give an undertaking with respect to adherence to discipline and anti ragging rules. The new hostel regulations were approved in the meeting after a threadbare discussion on various facets of hostel affairs, said Prof AP Tiwari, academic advisor to vice chancellor and media spokesperson of the university.

The meeting was attended by registrar Amit Kumar Singh, finance officer Shivakant Shukla, dean (academics) AP Tiwari, controller of examination AK Dubey, proctor P Rajivanayan, additional chief provost Puspendra Misra, provost (girls’ hostel) Kaushiki Singh, staff officer to the VC and superintendent girls hostel Bindu Tripath, Brijendra Singh and many others.

DU admission: Last day to get a seat if you made it to third list, fourth cutoff on July 12

If you meet the cutoff under the third list at Delhi University colleges but have not taken admission yet, then you should rush as admissions at morning shift colleges will close at 1pm and at evening shift colleges will close at 7pm.

Monday is the last day of admission under the third cutoff list, admission under which was started on July 7. The fourth list is expected to be released on July 12.

Under the third cutoff list there are still options available with many Delhi colleges in popular honours courses such as economics, BCom, English, political science, history and mathematics.

Colleges such as Hindu, Hans Raj, Ramjas, Kirori Mal, Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara, LSR, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram still have seats left in the popular courses.

  • Delhi news

“Students meeting the cutoff under the third list will be given admission till 1pm and 7pm today for morning and evening shift colleges respectively. We advise students to reach college on time with all documents,” said a DU official.

For document verification and approval for admission, the timings at morning shift colleges are 9.30am to 1pm and for evening shift colleges it is 4pm to 7pm.

Commerce and Economics

Under the third cutoff list, Economics (hons) is closed at nine colleges, including Sri Ram College of Commerce. But it is available at colleges such as LSR, Hindu, Hans Raj, Ramjas, Kirori Mal, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff is at LSR at 97.5 per cent and lowest is at Sri Aurobindo Evening at 91.5 per cent.

BCom (hons) is closed at 11 colleges including, SRCC, Hindu, and LSR.

But it is open for admission at colleges such as Hans Raj, KMC, Ramjas, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff is at Hans Raj at 96.75 per cent and lowest is at Aditi Mahavidyalaya at 89.5 per cent.


English (hons) is closed at four colleges – Dyal Singh, Gargi, Mata Sundri and Satyawati College Evening. The highest cutoff is at LSR at 97 per cent and lowest is at Zakir Hussain College Evening at 88 per cent.

History is closed at 18 colleges, including Gargi, Hindu and LSR. But it is available at colleges such as Kirori Mal, Hans Raj, LSR, Miranda House, Ramjas, Sri Venkateswara, and IP College for Women. The highest cutoff is at KMC at 95 per cent and lowest is at Swami Shraddhanad at 84 per cent.

Political Science is closed at 14 colleges, including Hindu and Kamla Nehru College. The highest dip for the course is at SGTB Khalsa, where it dropped from 97.25 per cent to 95.25 per cent.

But colleges such as LSR, Ramjas Miranda House, Kirori Mal, Sri Venkateswara, and IP College for Women will give admission in the course. The highest cutoff is at LSR at 97.25 per cent and lowest is at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Evening at 85 per cent.


Mathematics is closed at 13 colleges, LSR and KNC. But it is available for admission at colleges such as Hindu, Hans Raj, Miranda House, KMC, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff is at Hindu at 96.75 per cent and the lowest is at Vivekananda College at 90 per cent.

Physics is closed at nine colleges, including Gargi, Hans Raj and Hindu. But it is open for admission at colleges such as KMC, Ramjas, Miranda House, Daulat Ram, Sri Venkateswara.

Students get gift of 32 digital channels from HRD ministry, big help for those in remote areas

New Delhi President Pranab Mukherjee has launched two programmes, Swayam and Swayam Prabha, to take education to the remotest corners of the country with the help of technology. Swayam Prabha will tap the potential of Direct to Home Service allowing a person to install a dish antenna for about Rs 1,500 and have access to 32 digital educational channels run by the HRD Ministry.

Mukherjee also launched a National Academic Depository where verified educational records will be digitally stored by universities or a board to counter forgery. He was speaking at the inauguration of three digital initiatives in the education sector – Swayam, Swayam Prabha and National Academic Depository by the ministry of human resource development (HRD) on Sunday

The programmes for making education more accessible, and the depository, have been conceived and executed by the HRD ministry.

Under Swayam, courses will be offered through digital classrooms with online study material available free of cost in videos.

Students who want certification will have to be registered and then offered a certificate on the completion of the course for a nominal fee, the Swayam website states.

They will have the opportunity to raise queries which would be answered in real time, HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said.

Digital learning

Students would be assessed through proctored examination and the marks/grades secured in this exam would be transferred to their academic record, according to the website.

The Direct to Home Service there will be new content for at least four hours which will be repeated five times in a day, allowing students to choose the time of their convenience, additional secretary in UGC Pankaj Mittal said.

The course content will cover almost every aspect of education in various fields from class nine and will include preparatory courses for institutes such as the IITs.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukherjee said he had always emphasised on the “quality” of teaching and learning process in higher educational institutions.

He said mere physical expansion might provide access but without physical infrastructure and quality teachers, “the talent which is hidden in the young minds would not get the opportunity to blossom”.

The president also said there were huge differences in the quality of education in urban and rural areas, between the states and in educational institutions within a state.

Underlining the need for making quality study material available in regional languages, he said pupils studying in regional mediums in schools found it difficult when material for higher education was in an alien language.

In his address, Javadekar highlighted the importance of teachers as the function was organised on “Guru Purnima”.

Thanking the president for gracing the occasion, Javadekar said Mukherjee, who started his career as a teacher, had an unblemished public life for the last 48 years.

As a mark of respect on Guru Purnima he presented Mukherjee with a gift, which included a “slate” — a traditional writing tablet.

Javdekar said that speeches made by the president during convocations of various universities would be compiled in various languages and distributed in the varsities.

DU admissions: You can still get seats in popular honours courses

Many options were available to students seeking admission to Delhi University, with the cutoff dipping by up to 3 percentage points in popular courses in the third list announced on Thursday night.

Top colleges such as Hindu, Hans Raj, Ramjas, Kirori Mal, Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara, Lady Shri Ram and Indraprastha College for Women still have seats in popular honours courses such as Economics, BCom, English, Political Science, History and Mathematics.

LSR topped the chart again in the third cutoff list, seeking 98% for admission to BA Psychology. The course had the highest cutoff in DU in the second list at 98.25%.

Commerce and Economics

Admissions to Economics is closed in nine colleges, including Sri Ram College of Commerce. The highest dip in cutoff for the course was recorded at Aryabhatta College, where it came down from 96% to 94%.

Seats in Economics were available in colleges such as LSR, Hindu, Hans Raj, Ramjas, Kirori Mal, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff for the course is at LSR at 97.5% and lowest at Sri Aurobindo Evening at 91.5%.

BCom (Hons) is closed for admissions at 11 colleges including, SRCC, Hindu, and LSR. But seats were available at Hans Raj, KMC, Ramjas, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women, and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff for the course is at Hans Raj at 96.75% and lowest at Aditi Mahavidyalaya at 89.5%.


Four colleges –Dyal Singh, Gargi, Mata Sundri and Satyawati College Evening — closed admissions to English. The highest cutoff for the course was at LSR at 97% and lowest at Zakir Hussain Evening College at 88%.

Cutoffs for BA (Hons) in English and BA (Hons) in History have also dipped by up to three percentage points.

BA Programme, which is one of the most sought after courses at DU, has also seen a dip in cutoff by up to five percentage points. At SGND Khalsa College, the cutoff for the course has dropped from 90% to 85%.

  • DU admissions

As many 18 colleges, including Gargi, Hindu and LSR, have filled up their seats for History. But the course was still available at Kirori Mal, Hans Raj, LSR, Miranda House, Ramjas, Sri Venkateswara, and IP College for Women. KMC quoted the highest cutoff for the course at 95% and while it was lowest at Swami Shraddhanad at 84%.

Admissions to Political Science was closed at 14 colleges, including Hindu and Kamla Nehru College. The highest dip in the cutoff for the course was seen at SGTB Khalsa, where it came down from 97.25% to 95.25%.

Seats in the course, however, were still available at LSR, Ramjas, Miranda House, Kirori Mal, Sri Venkateswara, and IP College for Women. LSR quoted the highest cutoff for the course at 97.25% and lowest by Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Evening at 85%.


Admission to Mathematics was closed at 13 colleges, including LSR and KMC.

But it is available for admission at colleges such as Hindu, Hans Raj, Miranda House, KMC, Sri Venkateswara, IP College for Women and Daulat Ram. The highest cutoff for the course was at Hindu at 96.75% and the lowest at Vivekananda College at 90%.

Seats in Physics have been filled up at nine colleges, including Gargi, Hans Raj and Hindu. But it is open for admission at KMC, Ramjas, Miranda House, Daulat Ram and Sri Venkateswara.

For Mathematics and Physics, the cutoff has dropped by up to three percentage points. For Physics the cutoff has dropped from 93% to 90% at Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences.

Childhood Asthma May Up Risk Of Heart Failure: Try Simple Ingredients to Get Speedy Relief

Asthma is one of the major respiratory ailments in the world with close to 300 million people suffering from it globally. 10% of Indian population suffers from it with more and more children falling prey to the ailment. Experts suggest that childhood asthma may have sever repercussions later on in life with some people even falling prey to heart failure in adulthood. The study was published in the journal JACC and showed that childhood asthma may lead to thickening in the left ventricle, causing the heart muscle to lose elasticity and eventually fail to pump. The findings also showed that the association was more prominent in patients with pre-hypertension and hypertension.

Asthma is a respiratory ailment wherein a person suffers from inflamed airways which may swell up, become narrow and begin to produce extra mucus. An asthmatic finds it difficult to breathe and may also have an attack during stressful situations or after a physically strenuous event.

asthma 625

Unfortunately, the rise in air pollution is also making people prone to the respiratory disorder. While medical intervention is the best approach to tackle asthma in the long run, some easy home remedies can help alleviate the condition.


Common ingredients that can help


Mulethi, commonly known as licorice root, can easily be added in green teas or simply simmered in boiling water along with some honey and ginger to sooth asthma.

mulethi new

Onions are anti-inflammatory, therefore excellent for treating the inflamed airway. Add onions in your daily diet or simply take 1/4 cup of onion juice and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of pepper. Consume this potion twice a day.

types onion 620

Honey has long been used in most Ayurvedic preparations and herbal medicines. It plays a pivotal role in simple home remedies that can help asthmatics. Mix it with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and have it just before turning in to feel better.