CAT 2017: How To Prepare In 150 Days

NEW DELHI: Going by the previous year’s schedule, CAT 2017 will be conducted in the first week of December 2017. That leaves roughly 150 days for preparation. CAT is the one stop solution for all such students who dream of getting an MBA degree from one of the best management institutes in India. To top it, CAT score is not just accepted by IIMs but by many other good B-schools. Though CAT is not deemed as a tough exam but is tricky to clear.

Students who have cleared the exam in the past, claim that the exam is not tough but requires careful and strategic planning in order to clear it. Here we will discuss what should be the preparation strategy for students who will begin preparing for CAT 2017 exam now.
CAT 2017: How To Prepare In 150 Days

According to many experts and students who have cleared CAT earlier, this is the right time to prepare for CAT exam.

The first 2-3 months should be devoted to learning the basic concepts and brushing up the fundamentals of the topics. During this time, it would be a good practice to pick up mock tests and previous year question papers and begin solving them. In the beginning, the frequency of solving mock tests should be one to two in a week. This way, not only will you be able to analyze where you are in terms of your knowledge, you will also get to measure your progress as you go along with your preparation.

Contrary to popular opinion you do not need to study for 8-12 hours every day. Even 4 hour study duration is enough, given that you are focused and attentive toward what you study.

You will also need to categorize the topics to be covered as most difficult, difficult, moderate and easy. This will help you in a directed preparation and hone your strong topics and work harder on the weak ones.

Learn more than one method to solve a question. During the exam, knowing more than one way of solving a question will help you in solving questions more accurately. Accuracy is one of the key factors in scoring a high percentile in CAT exam.

While, preparation make sure that you pay equal attention to all the three sections. Sometimes students who are good in English, pay less attention on preparing for VRC section and end up scoring bad despite having a strong grasp on the language.

Make a routine and schedule for studying and stick to it. Incorporating CAT preparation in and as your daily schedule will help you stick to your goal and will deliver desired end result.

Toward the last phase of your preparation, do not start learning new topics. The last phase specially the weeks leading up to the exam day should be devoted to solving mock tests entirely. During this time you should be solving at least two mocks in a day.

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Many Cat toppers swear by mock test solving and have said that solving mock tests helped them get in the right mind frame and solving CAT questions while sticking to the rules of the exam became second nature to them.


Why to go for SAFe Training

SAFe is nowadays accepted globally by many of the top companies. The reason bind their acceptance of the same is still uncovered, although you will find several similar contents over internet. Here are some of the top reasons, why this is gaining popularity at such a rapid rate. As you go through them, you will also identify your need to go through the Leading SAFe Training. So, do not take your decision fast. Firstly get through the reasons, why companies are adopting it – scope to undergo the training is open for you.

Image result for SAFe


One of the strongest part of SAFe is its collaboration power, all the departments in a company will be collaborated with this technique. Most of the time, you will find that HR has taken a decision and that is not felt to be viable by the marketing team. Now, with the technique of collaboration upfront, such chances will abolish totally. All the teams will be sitting and collaborating with each other every time. Policy development and agenda fixing is hence becoming much easier now.

Cutting off product managers

For the last decades, product managers are taking a upper hand over the entire production process. The upper hand has become so much strong that it is harming the interest of the product owner too. SAFe has the ability to give the product owner a complete technical understanding in non technical style. Hence, he or she will not have to wait for the product managers to intervene. Policies ca be designed from the upper level, allowing the project managers to follow the orders. This is putting autonomy of the product managers again and is increasing the scope of profit earning more.

Identify dependency

It is very much important to identify the dependency of different departments. Due to the dependency factor, marketing team can stop their work, while waiting for the green signal from the production house. Production house can even stop their work for the green signal from HR department. While the dependent is waiting, the authority takes time and that delays the entire project. Now with SAFe the entire chemistry can be changed.


Another strong part that SAFe plays is in the transparency of the organizational works. In large corporate, the entire work flow is divided into two parts – the top management and the middle management. The top management decides and the middle management need to adjust to the scopes given to them. This ultimately hampers the organizational performance and at times even hamper the job security of the staffs. With close and transparent observation, open ended meetings are held and that is ensuring the smooth work flow in the company.

The aforesaid tings distinctly states why SAFe is stated to be revolutionary in the context of the large companies. In large companies, decision makers and decision followers remain at so much distant that disruption is sure to be followed at the middle. SAFe reduces and removes that distance and hence it is preferred in the corporate level. Go through the Leading SAFe Training In London and give your career a better choice.

Making Math Fun through Games

Parents find it extremely challenging make kids love math. Math is a skill that takes a lot of brainpower to master, and kids can find this task to be very difficult. Kids of struggle with equations, exponents maths formulas and grow up learning that maths is horrifying subject in their academic life. But using fun math games students can get accustomed to different and immersive way of learning the subject.


  1. Addition Duel

Need – set of playing cards with the jacks, queens, kings and jokers removed. Aces are to count as 1.

Children will be practicing addition without even realizing it. Makes a good classroom game with 2 teams playing against each other

Shuffle the cards and deal them out. Each player puts their cards in a pile facing down. Together players flip the top card over and place it in the centre. The first player to add the amounts on the two cards together and call out the answer takes the cards. If a player calls an incorrect answer the cards are returned to the bottom of the pile. When all cards have been drawn the winner is the player with the most cards. 


  1. Basketball Facts

Need – soft foam ball, waste bin or bucket to be the hoop 

Fun way to practice number facts

Two players stand side by side. If playing in teams, teams can line up in two lines with the first player in each line taking the first turn and then moving to the end of the line after this turn.

The caller calls a number fact, e.g. 3+9, 15-6, 4X5 or 36 ÷ 4. The first player to call out the correct answer then has a turn at shooting for a point (throwing the ball into the waste bin or bucket). The player scores a point if he is successful. If playing in teams, the next two players then have a turn. 

  1. Bundles

Need – popsicle sticks, dice, elastic bands 

A game to develop tens place value concepts..

Popsicle sticks are placed in the center. Before beginning decide what the winning number is to be, e.g. 50, 80 or 100. Players take turns to roll the dice and take that number of popsicle sticks. When a player has tens sticks they can bundle these into a bundle of ten using the elastic band. The first player to reach the winning number, e.g. 50 which is 5 bundles of ten is the winner. HINT – During play, encourage players to count their sticks, e.g. “3 bundles and 7 sticks is 10, 20, 30 and seven more make 37.”

  1. Coin Toss

Need – a large 6×6 grid filled with random numbers to be studied, coins (counters or bottle tops can be used). 


Fun way to compare values of numbers!

The large grid is placed on the floor. Use 2 digit numbers if studying 2 digit numbers. Or use 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers. Each player or one player from each team takes a turn at tossing a coin onto the grid. If the coins lands off the grid the player is out. If the coin lands on 2 spaces the space that has most of the coin is the number that is used. Players compare the numbers. The player whose number is the largest, scores a point. Repeat keeping score.

  This game helps kids understand the concept of Probability even better.

Options for Those Who Want to Become Music Teachers

A lot of people want to work in the music industry and make a meaningful difference. While there is always room for musicians, there is also a real need for music teachers. If you want to become a music teacher, you should start by enrolling in music college yourself. Not only will you learn valuable skills there, you will also be inspired by existing teachers, who do what you want to do.

Types of Music Teacher Career Paths

There are several types of music teacher that you could become. These include:

  • A school music teacher, in which you will work with children K-12 in the classroom. Your focus will usually not be on a single instrument, but rather on the theory of music, including beat recognition, reading notes, and so on. You may also coach the school band and design musical productions.
  • A music store teacher, which really is part of the wider music industry. It is really interesting work and you may even be involved in full studio work. You may not need a degree for this job, although it will certainly come in handy. Salaries are really good as well, you could earn as much as $100 an hour!
  • A music supervisor, consultant, or tutor, in which case you will need real and in-depth knowledge of music as a whole, and of a specific part of music, such as vocals or an instrument. You also have to be a manager in this case, being able to make critical decisions. You can earn an average of $65,000 per year in this role.
  • A university administrator, in which case you need to have a music and a teaching background. You will generally also have to hold a doctoral degree, although not necessarily in music or teaching. You can earn a whole lot of money in this profession, with averages reaching around $180,000 per year.
  • A private music teacher, which is a great job if you want to set your own hours and salaries. You do have to work very hard at finding clients to actually teach, but it is a very rewarding job overall, in which you can impart your love of music to the next generation.

These are just a few of the career options available to you if you want to have a career in music that doesn’t mean being a famous musician, but you want to teach music instead. Music is a beautiful form of art, one of the most ancient of all, and teaching it means that you will enable the next generation to convey emotions and stories through sound. The role music has played in the world is truly invaluable, and being able to play a part in continuing that role is incredibly important.

Do make sure you obtain a degree yourself, however. While it may not be a requirement for all positions, it is certainly preferable. Furthermore, it means you can take more pride in your own abilities, skills and knowledge as well.

Choosing the Right College

In today’s economy, the future and stability of the job market still seems rather uncertain. The millions of people who are already in the work force realize that times have changed and job security isn’t what it used to be. What happens to the millions of young people who are now in college and not yet in the job market?

Colleges face a different recruiting challenge these days due to the current economy and rising costs of living. The many students who are getting prepared to enter college are looking closely at college choices. The cost of college tuition is a major commitment for most families, so choosing the right college is a major decision. It will have an impact on the student and their family long time. College recruiting has become much more competitive, and online college classrooms with centimeter cubes have become competitors in college recruitment.

When choosing a college, studies show that one of the strongest influences affecting a student’s decision can be a visit to the college. Students and their families may visit two to five colleges before making a final decision, so the school tour is often critical to the final choice. The first thing visitors see when visiting a college campus is the overall appearance of the college. A beautifully landscaped campus with well-maintained grounds will be the first impression for most visiting families and students, and as we all know, first impressions are extremely important. .

Although landscaping may seem insignificant to a student’s choice of a college, it’s an important factor in making the student feel at home on campus. A campus that is clean and well-landscaped gives a feeling of credibility, security and successful management. These are important attributes to a family who are getting ready to enroll their child in a college. Every family wants to make sure that their child is secure and well taken care of when going off to college, especially when far from home.

In addition to campus appearance, campus maintenance is also important to the tour. Families are comparing colleges and tuitions, and decisions are often made quickly. It’s important to make sure that buildings are clean and systems, such as air conditioning, heating and lighting are functioning properly. A dirty cafeteria with bad air conditioning could be enough to sway the student’s decision to another college. The campus tour has a major impact on a student’s choice of colleges. Cutting corners on the campus appearance and maintenance could cost the school an important enrollment.

How to Be Successful In JEE?

Many aspiring students who are sincere and dedicated in their studies, fail to succeed in JEE exam.  Almost every one of them is bright and very serious about their dream, but still they did not achieve their dreams. So if you want some tips on how to succeed in Joint Entrance Exam, then you can follow the tips given by the scholars from previous year exams.Also you need to go through the JEE Details. You need to understand that these tips are given by the students who have been successful in JEE, but you also have to decide whatsuits you and your study pattern better. Being a blind follower is never beneficial, you should be open minded about everything. You should make note of every beneficial tip and suggestion, but follow your own mind while preparing for this important exam of your life.

  • Start preparing early: if you listened to the interviews of the previous year’s candidates who topped JEE mains, you will find that they started preparing for JEE, immediately after the exam of standard 10th. Although it seems a bit early to start, the period of two years made it possible for them to pace their study and you should givesufficient time for every subject.
  • A systematic study is important: All these scholars said that they did their studies in a systematic manner. Each one developed a system that worked for him or her and they held on to that system till the exams were over. According to them, this disciplined study helped them concentrate better.
  • Coaching Institutes: Many of these successful candidates had joined coaching instituted which helped in clearing doubts and understanding the concepts better.
  • Self-study: All these candidates believed that self-study was the most important thing. Although they joined the coaching classes and this meant that they were studying for additional time, according to them self-study was more useful for them. So even if you are studying in college and coaching classes, it is necessary that you try to study on your own. Understanding these concepts on your own results in better understanding of subjects.
  • Do not try to learn anything by heart: cramming or trying to remember things by heart is not the way to study for JEE. You need to remember that this is a very different exam and it concentrates on your ability to understand the concepts and to use it in a practical manner.So pay attention when your teachers are explaining so that all the concepts are clear to you and there is no ambiguity.
  • Distance from social media: almost every successful candidate distanced himself or herself from social media for these two years. Social media can prove to be a major distraction which can hamper your studies and you don’t want that to happen. So it is better to stay away from them till you achieve your target.
  • Develop a mentor relationship: Build a rapport with someone who will motivate you to keep you focused on your goal. There will be times when you will be bored and lose the enthusiasm to study, this mentor will help you back on track. They can also help you relieve stress and pay attention to your well-being in these preparation times.
  • Never break momentum between exams: when you appear for the JEE mains, you will feel that you are free after the exams. However if you want an admission in IIT, there is one more hurdle to pass and that is JEE advanced. If you lose your momentum of study after the mains exam, you will lose valuable time in rebuilding it. So it is important that you should remember that exams are not over, just part of the exam is done.

Learn How To Earn Top Marks On Your GMAT

If you’re like most students, you probably worry about all the preparation necessary to apply to graduate school. Apart from the application itself, you are also required to seek funding, and often, to submit standardized test scores. Taking the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) can seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation it doesn’t have to be! Started in 1953 by the Graduate Management Admission Council in order to better predict a student’s success in graduate business school, the GMAT is now used by universities across 114 countries as an admission pre-requisite and is administered to more than 250,000 students every year. The test itself measures analytical, verbal, and quantitative reading and writing skills with four sections in which test-takers are asked to read passages, write their own essays and answer multiple choice questions. The GMAT scores themselves range from 200 to 800 with an average score of 540.

Although some students do choose to study for this test on their own, many savvy test takers are catching on to the benefits of taking GMAT courses to prepare them for this test behemoth. There are many books and online resources that can help prepare prospective graduate students for test day, but these will often have you run on your own through pages and pages of practice questions and reading and writing samples, without any guidance or built-in benchmarks. While it is definitely important to become familiarized with the format of the test, the greatest success on standardized tests such as the GMAT comes from the one-on-one instruction from experienced business graduates who can help you navigate the murky waters of standardized test taking.


GMAT courses are available virtually everywhere, and these knowledgeable and friendly experts (who not only know the test backward and forward, but who also have many hours of teaching experience)have been shown to have a significant positive impact on the scores of students who choose to take advantage of the learning opportunity they present. However, if you’re like many of the test-takers out there, it can become confusing to choose a good test preparation company from the myriad options available. A GMAT program such as the one on offer at Toronto’s Quantum Test Prep focuses on the standardization aspect of this test, and will teach you how to use the standardization against itself, breaking down complicated subject matter into smaller and more manageable pieces and better processing questions that may have seemed overwhelming at first.

It’s important to remember that regardless of the hype that has formed around the GMAT, at the end of the day it is a standardized test like any other. By treating it as such, a good test prep company like Quantum Test Prep will not only help you learn the data and thinking skills that are necessary to pass, but will also help to improve and grow your toolbox of test-taking techniques. Keep these pro tips in mind and you’ll do great! Hop on the Quantum Test Prep Blog to learn more about how a GMAT test prep program can help you master the exam. Remember, test early, test often and find the right test prep center to help you along the way.

What to Do With Out of Control Teens

As a parent, you want to do everything you possibly can for your teenage son or daughter. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible when they’re out of control and they just won’t listen to you. Though this can just be a phase, many teens to reckless and dangerous things when they’re going through this phase.

That’s why you need to act quickly to make sure your teenage son or daughter doesn’t do any serious harm. Use this guide to help you figure out your best options for getting out of control teens back in line again.

Does Talking Work?

A lot of parents assume that they can just sit down with their kids and talk once their behavior reaches a boiling point. The fact is that most teens really aren’t going to listen to their parents. Think back to when you were that age and you’ll realize that you probably didn’t think your parents knew much about the world or what you should be doing either.

You can try to sit down with your children and have a productive conversation, but if that doesn’t work you’ll need to do something else. Make sure that something else comes before your children are in harm’s way.

School Counselors

School counselors can be helpful when it comes to dealing with teenagers who are disruptive in class or otherwise acting out in the school. Most of the time though, school counselors can’t handle problems you might have with your teenager outside of the school environment and at home.

That makes using school counselors only a partial solution for most parents with troublesome teens.

Consider Boot Camp

Almost every parent out there has heard about boot camp for teenagers  that are out of control at this point, but if you’re like many, you never thought you would have to send your kids. While it might seem like a last resort, reputable boot camp programs like those at Wood Creek Academy can be very effective for teens.

Sometimes all a teenager needs is to be out of their environment and with adults who can really help them in a time of crisis. When your teenager gets back home you might notice a completely different person.

It’s your job as a parent to make the tough decisions, so don’t allow your child to mess up their future before it even gets started.

PMP Certification – Why Should a Graduate Get PMP Training?

The job market is ridiculously competitive and even the brightest people with a gorgeous CV often seems to be sitting jobless. Fragile economy in many parts of the world contributes to the number of jobless youth – and the number is rising every day at an alarming rate. Even though a university graduate is supposed to know how to tackle the real life hurdles they are about to face; they often don’t seem to know.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one very desirable credential in a job CV. Project Management Institute is the official training provider for a PMP degree, and that’s a very honorable certificate.

If this is your first time on PMP researches, you may want to know more about PMP Certification.

About PMP Certification

To the biggest industries and companies, a PMP certificate is highly recognized and rewarded. The certificate is generally widely accepted in most parts of the world. PMP certification is globally accepted, and its training is provided worldwide as well. There are many professional degrees that are mostly focused on specific majors or regions, but PMP is truly global – there’s no regional bound to stop someone’s dreams from wandering. Those who earn a PMP certificate are generally called PMPs. Being a PMP is rewarding as it brings global exposure, more opportunities and definitely a brighter career. There are many institutes that provide Online Training for PMP Courses.

What does PMP get you?

PMP certification will require you money, effort and time. Before spending so many precious investments of yours, you may want to know what benefits you get from a PMP certification.

Briefly put, a PMP certification increases the opportunity of getting better jobs, earning better salary and building up a better career then you have ever had. Of course, you can walk the same road without having to pay for a PMP certification and learning stuff by yourself. But a PMP certificate demonstrates that you have many leadership qualities that will clearly make your CV stand out from the rest.

Through statistics, it has been seen that PMP certified employees earn nearly 17 percent more than normal employees do. There are other influencing factors like job performance and past records – but PMP certification alone improves the opportunity a lot more.

PMP Signifies your Global Skill

When you have a degree on Project Management Professional skills, the employers will know you have gone through a globally recognized training and they can rely on you to get their projects done in due time – or maybe way before the due date. In real life works, this is an important quality to have.

Requirements for PMP Certification

PMP certification requires real life job experience to enroll. Unless you are about to deal with plenty of projects in your future career, there may be no use of this course. In the course, you will learn all fundamental basics. To enroll, a candidate should have two years of high schooling, and four years of bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The courses under this degree cost around $1500 to $4000, and the rate may vary across different regions. The final exam to earn your certificate may cost around $500.


The importance of having a PMP certificate is immense. Fresh graduates who are willing to work in the heavily project reliant corporate industries, should opt for a PMP degree as a part of their basic higher education. Cost may become a concern, but you get lot more in return.

WLCI College has always been a pioneer nation when it comes to education. The nation has always given birth to individuals who have made the nation proud with the work in literally all the existing fields of the society. Whether it is an engineer, a scientist, a mathematician, a doctor, etc., the Indian have etched their names in literally all the possible spheres of the 21st Century. There is no doubt of the fact that the institutions play a major role in drafting the future of a student to a great extent, when compared to the inherent talents that he or she has. One such glorified institution is WLC College India.

WLC College India was formerly known as Wigan and Leigh College. The WLC College is considered as one of the best colleges when it comes to the out of the box studies. The institution provides education on various under graduate programmes, but at the same time it offers quite a few part time courses on educational spheres like Fashion designing, business management, media and advertising as well as graphic designing. Any individual who is attached to the current affairs will certainly hold a WLCI Review, which in turn will state the excellence of the institution.

To be precise, the fashion technology wing of WLC College India has claimed special attention. The WLCI Reviews regarding the fashion technology wing clearly emphasises on the great performances that the students from WLCI has achieved. The major reason behind the success is the great infrastructure that the WLC College India provides its own students. One can easily get a hold on the quality of education at WLCI, whenever he or she runs through any news regarding WLCI. In fact, it is not just fashion technology where in WLCI and its students have excelled. The glorious line continues through all the other programmes that WLCI provides.

Talking of the other programmes like business management, graphic design, media and advertisement, WLCI has nailed a few flags everywhere. The WLCI Feedback by various individuals and organizations are a clear indication to the success that the students from WLCI have achieved. In fact, if one through survey is done, we might just find a pass out student of WLCI at each and every corner of the professional world of India.

WLCI provides great facilities like superb academic infrastructure, good quality education, encouraging faculties who help the students out whole heartedly at times of difficulties, etc.. Any individual who is looking forward to draft a good professional life in any direct stream or any out of the box career, WLC College India is possibly one of the best choices that he or she has. The opportunities at WLCI are great provided the students are ready to grab them.