Uber, Yandex Agree to Merge Ride-Sharing Business in Russia, Eastern Europe

Yandex, the “Google of Russia”, and Uber have agreed to merge their ride-sharing businesses in Russia and five eastern European markets with Yandex as leading partner, the companies said on Thursday, marking another pullback from Uber’s breakneck global expansion that comes a year after its exit from China.

In a joint statement, Yandex and Uber said they will join forces in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan to create a new company operating in 127 cities, in a deal expected to close in the fourth quarter.

San Francisco-based Uber has agreed to invest $225 million (roughly Rs. 1,450 crores) while Yandex will invest $100 million into a new joint company in which Yandex will own 59.3 percent, Uber holds 36.6 percent and 4.1 percent by employees on a fully diluted basis.

 Uber, Yandex Agree to Merge Ride-Sharing Business in Russia, Eastern Europe

As part of the deal, Uber will contribute its UberEATS food delivery business in the six-country region to the new venture. Diversified internet giant Yandex is the dominant player in Web search, maps and mobile navigation in the region.

Earlier this week, Uber said it will be improving an offer to drivers and would welcome greater legal clarity about different types of employment in Britain, in response to a government review into the gig economy published on Tuesday.

The review calls for a new category of worker called a “dependent contractor” meaning that those Britons working for companies such as Uber and Deliveroo would receive more benefits.

WhatsApp Update Brings Support for All File Types, Shared Media Bundling

WhatsApp has been on a roll this year, adding feature upon feature to the world’s most popular messaging app to make it more appealing to the users. The company is continuing the streak, and has added support for all types of file transfers (including archives) as well as shared media bundling in the stable version of the Android app. These features had been under testing in WhatsApp beta for Android for some time now. However, users still continue to wait for the final release of the message recall feature that has been leaked several times already.

To use the new feature, WhatsApp users on Android can head to Google Play to download the latest version of the app. Apart from support for all file types and media bundling, the latest WhatsApp update also enables text formatting in the chat. When typing text in a chat window, users can now tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicise. This feature was also available earlier to beta users.

 WhatsApp Update Brings Support for All File Types, Shared Media Bundling

WhatsApp media bundling

Several beta users last month also started receiving new shared media bundling feature. WhatsApp users will now be able to send a bunch of photos to their friends, who will receive them bundled as an album and not as before, one after another. With the new update, once a user opens an album, all images are shown on a single page. The feature also indicates that WhatsApp will give more room for shared photos. This WhatsApp feature was rolled out to iPhone users last month, and refines the sharing of multiple photos on the platform.

The new WhatsApp for Android update also brings minor change to the WhatsApp call screen where users will now have to swipe up instead of sideways to pick up a call. The revamped WhatsApp call screen was also spotted last month.

Online Education Apps Create More Opportunities, Says Experts

With the advent of technology, the younger squad is seemingly more acquainted with gadgets and all the wonderful things stemming out of it such as apps, games and whatnot. It’s more accessible and engaging than the traditional classes. The soon catching up methodology is slowly crept its way into apps which are more student friendly and easily available. What’s more? Most of them are absolutely free. Getting materials has always been a breeze with online stores like Paytm offers all-encompassing educational material and easy transactions but what is it about these that has struck a chord with the youth?

More enriching


Besides the graphics and mesmerizing delivery, the pedagogical element is duly taken care of which makes it all the more powerful. When the child sees something and visualizes it, he remembers it better. It’s proven time and again.



Since apps are synonymous with most of us today given the popularity of smart phones, it has become a child’s play to get hold of a decent app which covers the subjects of your interest. Always pinning on learning the guitar lessons? Or wanting to take up those Spanish classes? Wait no more. Learn and grow on the go.



Since it’s all on the world wide web, it goes without saying that there’s unrestricted free slow of knowledge. You can even design an app of your own and help others. This way you get to hone your skills while you also let others grow along with you. Nothing more empowering and enriching than that. This not only opens up doors for you but also creates opportunities broadening your horizons.

Broad spectrum


When it comes to apps, it’s not just the educational ones garnering all the glory and fame. Most of the service providers have launched their own app to give their customer the kingly treatment they deserve. For example, Uber has come up with an amazing scheme. Availing Uber events code allows your guests to arrive at the venue on time and in most cases, it’s absolutely free of cost! Speaking of educational opportunities, if Uber can do it then so can you! Gear up, Gen Y!

Housing real estate android app for finding property

Finding homes available to be purchased or lofts for rent has never been simpler. Housing first class property search app in a flash reveals to you a guide ofreal estate’savailable to be purchased, open houses, or rent property. With the easy to-utilize channels, you can discover Indian propertiesthat match your particular inquiry criteria. What’s more, with Housing sheets you can spare, thin, and impart your most loved homes to companions, family, or without anyone else to help in your home inquiry.


Effectively peruse-

  • Fundamental land data.
  • point by point lodging postings
  • And open houses for homes available to be purchased or homes for rent.
  • In addition, rapidly contrast properties and striking full-screen photographs of homes and rentals.
  • Get continuous warnings about properties you’ve spared.
  • Get moment cautions when new homes adjacent hit the real estate’s sector.
  • Accumulate nearby neighborhood information.

Presently improved for your tablet and Android Wear, the Housing-Real Estate & PropertyApp gives you a chance to stay aware of your home chase wherever you go.Housing-Real Estate & Propertybolsters thorough land following abilities for different structures accessible for rent in a territory and showcases their area on a guide.

Time to register-

It was so easy to enlist myself with Housing-Real Estate & Property for nothing from inside of the application for additional advantages. After I registered I got free Housing alarms and warnings for accessible rentals by mail and I canlook after most of the available houses around and keep a tab on my recent searches.After I downloaded the app, all I did was nothing more than start up the application, explore my favored area on guide and view every one of the structures accessible for rent alongside their price sticker.

Inside the app- Loaded with extra features

For ideal results, I would prescribed that you indicate your search criteria before following structures on the guide by selecting the amplifying glass symbol from the top. This took me to the Search Filters screen.

For each showed result, I was able to see its photos, subtle elements and the proprietor’s contact number. What’s more, I even had an option of sharing my find with others, capture, explore the photographs of the building, add it to my favorite category list, also had a take individual notes option too and even report an owner, building or property as ‘misrepresentation’ or ‘fraud’. Utilizing mail office application which is pre installed in the app I was able to check the contact details of the builder or the owner; there is an option to contact the proprietor to strike an arrangement also.

While on the query items screen, ‘Road View’ catch button was also available which was directly controlled by Google Maps to encounter how it’s similar to really be at that area; though basically. The application likewise gave me a chance to view all the different conveniences (eateries, banks, corner stores, shopping focuses) and schools around the area. With various layers for maps (satellite/activity) and headings recovered from Google Maps, Housing-Real Estate & Property makes it a simple task to explore the best choice for the list of hundred others.

With such a large number of elements accessible at simply the tap of a finger, I had the capacity to locate a decent real estate for sale and properties sitesfor myself that suits my living necessities as well as your financial plan.

Blessed to be a user of TinyOwl

We humans can forget everything in life but can’t forget to have food and water. It’s because they act as the fuel of our engine. Till the time we don’t add on the fuel, it will work with too much of disturbance. Rather, one should eat when their stomach asks for food rather than killing it totally. Irrespective of one being a rich or poor, they will consume their food on time else they would end up in a mess. When we don’t have time to cook food for ourselves or when we don’t know how to cook food, there are canteens, restaurants and homemade food services that are helping hands for us to satisfy our craving towards food. But it is tedious to walk down to a restaurant when you are latched on with loads of work. So why not simply give them a call and ask for the food of your choice? They will deliver it to you with the cash on delivery payment mode. But what if there are various other services available at your ease? Wouldn’t you accept the same and proceed using it? It’s the online food order system which is available in the market for your feasibility and flexibility. The communication cost is reduced to zero because it is all on few taps of screen. Menu of the restaurant is available online with the same costs as that of the restaurant. For earning the better perks one can use the discounts and the offers available for you. Also there are genius minds who are planning to come up with the online restaurant food ordering system where people can book the seats for them when they leave home. Also they can check if there are seats available in the hotel and accordingly select one. Once you are in the restaurant, all you got to do is, order the food from the phone. This reduces the paper usage and acts as an eco-friendly system. Once you ask for a bill using the system, within a fraction of few minutes you are checked out from the table, and the seat turns to be vacant.


TinyOwl is the very first mobile food ordering system where people can order the food of their choice and their favourite restaurants. HarshVardhanMandad wanted to create a direct connection with the audience so was the reason to come up with a food ordering system. The traditional system was quite boring for people to order and since the people are influenced with the technology, the team thought of evolving a new technology as well. This food ordering system allows people to filter the cuisines and it will display the nearest restaurants using the GPS. The GPS tracker allows you to access the nearby restaurants. All one would need is an internet connection for the same. The order history is automatically tracked when you order the food. The next time you wish to have the same food, you can drag the navigation toolbar and tap on the order history. Also there are various payment modes available for you according to your availability and feasibility.

Personal review:

“I am in Pune and new here by say just few months. Initially, I used to face difficulties when I arrived here for satisfying my hunger. Daily consuming restaurant food wasn’t possible for me at all with regards to my health and money. I am working and need to save money for rent as well. So once, my colleague asked me to ask for few homemade services available. I called one or two but they were never regular. I always had to call them and that created a mess. Thus, I landed up on this application and believe me the experience was amazing. I have been using the service of homemade food since moreover a month. I just had to enter my lunch and dinner timings and the food was delivered to me always on time. Speaking about the cost, it’s reasonable. If I can’t pay few times, I add it on to the next few days till the time I get my salary or borrow it friend. They don’t mind the same. I found the perfect homemade food service and glad to be a user of tinyowl. Thank You”