The Importance of Notaries

Although many people do not realize it, notaries provide a very important service. A notary ensures that transactions between individuals are legal. Protection from fraud as well as identity theft is extremely important. Notaries witness signatures on a number of different types of documents to ensure everything is above board. Additionally, they make certain that the people signing the papers are doing so of their own free will. A notary seal is used to authenticate the signature of the notary and date the document was notarized.

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What Types of Documents Do Notaries Witness?

A notary can witness many different documents. A will, deed, power of attorney, contracts, and affidavits are just a few of these documents. If you have purchased a home, it is likely that a notary witnessed the signing of the closing on the home. Today, more than ever, the need to protect people from identity theft is necessary. With the technology available, this is one crime that is becoming more prevalent. Many states require the notary to keep a journal where everything they notarize is recorded. This helps to reduce the incidence of fraud.

Does a Notary Require Identification?

Most states require people to provide identification to notaries. The identification usually must be a valid photo ID. A driver’s license or state-issued identification are two types that are accepted. Some states also require a thumb print. All of this information is also entered into the journal kept by the notary.

Benefits of Providing Notary Services

Offering a service that helps protect people is just part of the notary’s job. Although notaries are paid for their services, they sometimes provide free or low-cost notarization for people in their communities that may be low-income, elderly, or disabled. Most have other jobs and notarize documents on an as-needed basis. An example of a company that offers services for those who want to become a notary in illinois is

Choosing to add being a notary to your skills can be beneficial for those who work in the legal, banking, insurance, or medical fields. These are all industries where notaries are in high demand. If not, providing this service as a way of making extra income is advantageous as well. Some states do regulate the amount that notaries can charge. However, if they have to travel to notarize documents, this expense can be added to the amount charged.

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