The Advantages of Stacking

Steroids play a powerful role when it comes to maintaining lean, fit and muscular bodies, especially when used by bodybuilding aficionados in high doses. For enhancing their performance more, athletes ensure steroid stacking. There are hundreds of anabolic steroids in the market, it doesn’t necessarily mean one grab them all and swallow them together, or inject them all. Steroid Staking isn’t this! It is a calculative method of how one combines different anabolic steroids together to use and enhance the overall effect of the steroid cycle in the application.

The hormone Testosterone and Human Growth hormone (HGH) are two popular choices when it comes to stacking. HGH and Testosterone stack is highly supported by bodybuilders and athletes because this not only helps in fast-tracking the muscle gains but also provides immense strength and stamina and augment endurance of the user.

The Difference between Testosterone and HGH

It may seem that both of these hormones are same, however, they only have similar functions but both structurally and mechanistically they are diverse. Yes, the ultimate result that one gets is almost same! Growth hormone is the secretion of our pituitary gland, on command by the hypothalamus. This hormone is the major player in growth and development of the being, starting from accelerating bone development in children, to maintaining muscle growth in adults. It leads to the signaling of another hormone called Insulin-like Growth factor which enhances the growth more by controlling the protein synthesis and lipid metabolism of the body. Overall, both of these hormones have the chief impact on every other hormone in the system. Testosterone on other hand is synthesized in male reproductive organ, involved in male secondary reproductive functions. It also induces muscular strength and stamina, along with many other functions.

HGH helps muscle grow, and testosterone leads it to attain power and maintain size. So combining them gives an overall effect. Though discouraged for non-medical usage, this cocktail is very common in weight gain business.

Safety Issues

When you supplement your body with artificial anabolic androgens or steroids, the natural testosterone production is always curbed; regardless of how genetically advantageous one may be, irrespective of how tough one believe he is, this suppression will definitely occur. However, the suppression may vary vastly from steroid to steroid.

Too much of anything is harmful and the damage shall be irretrievable. Increased dose of human growth hormone can lead to a disproportionate growth of body organs. Acromegaly is one of the major issues. There are cases of belly bulging and intestine extension when a person takes heavy HGH with or without Testosterone. Testosterone to show considerable side-effects irrespective of the fact that it is taken in stack or alone. Decreased size of testicles, reduced semen production, painful sensation while urinating, and impotence is few of the adverse effects.

It must be kept in mind that each human being reacts differently to the different drugs, all depends upon his metabolism, BMI, and contraindications if any. Therefore using an HGH and Testosterone stack is a complex decision, requires a long drawn thought-process and valuable opinions from experienced people. Read all the reviews carefully.

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