Boosting Your Marketing Career with an MBA

There are plenty of things you can do to boost your career in marketing, but going back to school is perhaps the best and most effective method. Thanks to universities such as Pepperdine University and their distance learning programs, it is now easy to pursue an MBA marketing careers. The degree itself is very suitable for marketing executives for some crucial reasons.

For starters, a good MBA course will help you master the necessary skills needed to be a good marketer. Aside from leadership and critical thinking, today’s best MBA courses also teach students how to think creatively, make data-driven decisions and react to market changes using psychology and other analytic tools.

The courses are also designed to develop students’ insights and understanding of different markets as well as online marketing and mobile markets. You can learn more about the Anatomy of a Marketing Executive from this infographic.

Marketing Executive | MBA Online Pepperdine

This infographic was created by Pepperdine University.

How Hospital Management Makes a Difference

Working in the healthcare sector can be overwhelming. New rules and regulations are constantly being introduced to switch up the way that services are provided and paid for. If you are someone that works in this field, then you might be curious about how you can make the biggest difference. Pursuing an advanced degree through an institution like GW online can be a great way for you to start. The more knowledge that you have in an area like hospital management, the easier it will be for you to help a wider range of people.

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Hospital management has played a big role in transforming the way that healthcare has been provided in recent years. In order for you to see all of the benefits that this area of study can bring to your life, here are a few key points to keep in mind.
Improving Care
Policies that surround healthcare change on almost a daily basis. Unfortunately, people in charge of dictating these policies might not always be in touch with the needs of patients. When you decide to further your reach and get your master’s in hospital management, you will be able to make a more profound impact. As a hospital manager, you will be working right on the front lines, helping to implement policies and work directly with doctors and patients. Using what you have learned, you will be able to improve care and make a significant difference.

Going back to school for an advanced degree can help you to learn a wealth of valuable information about your chosen line of work. For example, an individual working in the financial sector might return to school to specify his area of expertise, as illustrated by Northeastern’s master of taxation’s infographic. Similarly, pursuing your master’s in hospital management can help you to learn everything that you need to know about the healthcare changing industry. All you have to do is find a program that matches your needs, apply and begin changing your life for the better.
Find a Better Path
Returning to an institution of higher learning is also a useful way for you to discover more exciting career opportunities. Working in the healthcare industry is fulfilling, but it does not always present you with the ability to further your career. If you enjoy working in your field, then you will need to gain the credentials required to obtain a more satisfying position. In a competitive marketplace where jobs are not always easy to come by, the world of healthcare continues to see more and more positions open up each year.

There are a number of advantages that come along with heading back to college in order to get your master’s in hospital management. If you love working in the world of healthcare, but you do not believe that you have much room for growth, you need to take matters into your own hand. Do your research and see if you are able to find a program that will help you to become an expert on hospital management. In time, you will be ready to take a chance on a decision that will help you to get on a more exciting path for your future.

Tips for Smooth, Stress-Free Communications During Your Online Course

There are numerous skills you will need in order to successfully complete an online course. One of them relates to clear communications. Because you may not have the advantage of being able to talk to your teacher and classmates face to face, it is especially important to continually develop communication skills.

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Be Aware of Preferred Communication Methods and Etiquette
Your teacher may have specifications about how they want students to get in touch about matters relating to the online class. For example, email may be mentioned as a preferred method of communication, but your class leader could also say it’s okay to clarify things via the telephone as long as you do so before 8 p.m., and never on weekends.

Regardless of the details given, follow them precisely. Otherwise, you give the impression you’re not good at following directions, let alone communicating well.
Get to Know Your Classmates If Possible
There will probably be various methods you can use to learn more about people who are also taking the class. If those are available, be sure to use them. Online chats, social media pages, and open-ended discussion questions are just a few things that might make it easier to find common ground with others in the class.

If you are a characteristically shy person, you may feel tempted to only do the bare minimum by interacting with your teacher. However, keep in mind you may be assigned a group project and it’ll probably be a lot easier to complete that assignment if you have at least a basic familiarity with fellow students.
Don’t Wait Too Long to Speak Up
At the start of every online class, you’ll likely be given a document that outlines what to expect in the days and weeks ahead. If there are things you do not understand, speak up right away and try not to feel ashamed. Your teacher would almost certainly rather you communicate immediately instead of staying silent and making assumptions about what to do.

Failing to communicate if you’re confused could lead to very upsetting outcomes. For example, imagine if, while taking an online course to earn a Sports Management degree from Adelphi, you’re told to find sports teams that have the most engaged fans. Maybe there’s a note on the syllabus that reads “region-based assignment,” but instead of finding out what that means, you just start researching. Ultimately, you may discover you did too much work because you were only supposed to get details about teams in the eastern region of the United States, since classmates were handling other areas.

You may also be enrolled in an Adelphi Online course that’ll help you earn a master’s in Healthcare Informatics, but you’re not sure what kinds of career opportunities exist for people with that degree. It’s better to have a talk with your professor about it without delay so you won’t risk having expectations that aren’t met due to your lack of awareness. When in doubt, it’s always best to speak up early and often.

Hopefully, these pointers make you feel more equipped to communicate excellently with your teacher and classmates. As should soon be obvious, clear communications tend to reduce stress.

The Importance of Learning Big Hadoop Training

The hadoop framework supports to process and store the big set of data in a circulated computing atmosphere. This course is designed to teach the present industry demands to the candidates. By taking part in this course, the participants can come to know what the industry demands are and how it can be fulfilled. This course will teach you hadoop 2.7 skills and practical ideas to let you handle the big data market yourself. This course will let you know the java based framework in detail. All you have to do is to put yourself in the course and learn something very useful to your career.

Image result for The Importance of Learning Big Hadoop TrainingWhat the Course is about?

The big data hadoop training course will provide you the necessary knowledge to smartly handle the hadoop administrator duties such as securing, provisioning, maintaining, installing, supervising and configuring hadoop eco system components.This course covers the hadoop architecture and other skills required to maintain big data. This course will let you know how to implement the java based framework on the industry projects. Further, the candidates taking part in the course will learn about the key concepts, principles and tools of hadoop. This course covers the following concepts,

  • Introduction to hadoop
  • Hadoop architecture
  • Introduction to mapreduce
  • Hadoop development
  • Hive
  • Administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pig
  • Hadoop programming
  • Introduction to big data
  • Detailed concepts of big data and more

Who can take this course?

Thiscoursewill suit the following professionals,

  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Management Professionals
  • Graduates that are looking to develop their career in big data analytics
  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Aspiring Data Scientists

The benefits of learning the course

By the end of the course,the participants can be able to

  • Write mapreduce programs
  • Gain knowledge to understand hadoop eco system including workflow scheduler and flume
  • Work on projects that use hadoop 2.7
  • Write data analytics using the hadoop programs like pig and hive
  • Lead hadoop 2.7 framework concepts and ideas
  • Understand advanced and latest hadoop concepts such as sqoop, hbase, zookeeper
  • Work on real-life projects that are based on industry
  • Gain practical experience to build up various hadoop cluster configuration
  • Configure and manage security for hadoop clusters
  • install and configure YARN architecture

Prerequisites of the Course

The candidates that are about to take part in the course should have basic knowledge of Java. Knowing basics of Java is the must-have eligibility for learning this course. There are institutes that will examine the candidates in regards to their Java skills and knowledge once before providing admission to the candidates.

Course Duration and Certification

The participants can choose the flexible duration that harmonizes their demands well. Through this course, the professionals can get a complete knowledge on all the steps and processes that are required to handle and maintain the hadoop cluster with no issues. Certification will be issued to the candidates at the end of the course.

Only 177 PhDs in entrepreneurship in last 16 years: Study

Image result for Only 177 PhDs in entrepreneurship in last 16 years: StudyDespite government’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship, doctoral research on the subject is yet to pick up in Indian universities as only 177 PhDs have been awarded in it compared to 20,271 in social sciences during last 16 years, says a study.

As per the study, which covered PhD output across 740 recognised universities in the country, only 66 universities awarded PhDs in entrepreneurship.

It also identified “women entrepreneurship” as the most preferred areas of research.

The study was conducted by Kavita Saxena, a faculty member of Gandhinagar-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).

It noted that out of 177 PhDs in the subject, 104 were done by male researchers and 73 by female researchers. Also, 167 of these PhDs were done in English language while the remaining 10 were done in Hindi.

In state-wise comparison, universities in Maharashtra awarded the largest number of PhDs–25–during this period, followed by Karnataka with 18, Madhya Pradesh 15, and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 12 each.

The objectives of the study were to identify the nature and direction of entrepreneurship research in last 16 years, to identify quantitative growth of entrepreneurship research as compared to social sciences.

It was conducted to also know the contribution of universities in awarding of doctoral degrees in entrepreneurship and to find out state-wise, gender-wise and language-wise distribution of research in entrepreneurship.

ISC exams from Feb 6, ICSE from Feb 27

Image result for ISC exams from Feb 6, ICSE from Feb 27The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has announced the timetable for the class XII (ISC) and class X (ICSE) examinations to be held in 2017.

 The ISC examinations will begin with the Physics paper 2 practical on February 6 and will continue up to April 5. The ICSE exams on the other hand will begin with English paper on February 27 and end on March 31.
 While most ISC papers will be conducted at either 9am or 2pm, the ICSE exams will held at 9am or 11am.
In addition to the paper’s duration, the students will get an additional 15 minutes to read the question paper. Students can view the detailed timetable on the council’s website