3 Tips for Engineering Students Looking for the Perfect Branch

There are usually two choices that haunt new engineering students before they enter college: which school they should go to and which concentration they’re going to choose. While choosing an engineering field might seem simple at first, the job of engineer can be incredibly diverse and making the wrong choice could not only hurt your job prospects, but make you miserable as well. However, there are a few tips that you can apply that will allow you to find a perfect concentration in no time. Here are just a few of them:

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Choose Based on Your Interests First

While at first glance, choosing a concentration purely based on salary and prospects looks like the pragmatic thing to do, there is no point in entering a major if you’re not going to enjoy it. The field of engineering is so vast that you can easily find a concentration that you will not only love, but that provides great job opportunities as well.

Choose Based on College First

Another dilemma that hits new students is whether to go to an obscure college because of its specialization in a particular field of engineering or going to a prestigious school. My first pick would be to go to a prestigious school first, and look at the options available there. A degree from a reputable school will take you far in this business. However, there is a growing number of great online civil engineering degrees being offered at the moment and more and more companies are trusting students who received their civil engineering degree online more than ever. So, if the particular concentration you’re looking for is only being dispensed by an online college, don’t hesitate.

Job Prospects

While interest and natural abilities should always be the first choice when choosing a concentration, job prospects should also be considered. After all, there is no point in holding a degree if no one will hire you. Before you choose a concentration, make sure that the field is not oversaturated and that it shows steady growth. Any field with below average growth should be avoided. Also look at international job prospects if you don’t have issues working overseas.

The recession also affected many sectors in engineering. One of these sectors is IT engineering. Many in the IT sector were axed during the recent recession and many IT engineers that came from second tier schools were having difficulty finding good jobs as a result.

These are all aspects every new engineering student should look for when choosing a concentration. While job prospects and the school you’re going to go to are of extreme importance, the main aspect any new student should concentrate on first is strengths and interest. It will not only insure that you enjoy your future position, but will improve your chances of completing your studies as well. Engineering is a bright field full of possibilities, so don’t be afraid to explore and choose a major that will fit your needs and personality the best.

Continuing Your Education as a Social Worker

There are few careers out there that can help you to live comfortably while also making life better for others. One of the best positions that you can find yourself in to achieve both of these goals is that of a social worker. When you continue your education at an institute of higher learning like ACU, you are offering yourself a wealth of opportunities for the future. Take a look at some of the advantages associated with this option, and you will easily be able to see why it is a good choice for your future.

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Consider All Possibilities
When you are working in a specific job, it can often blind you to all of the other potential careers available in your field. Going back to school allows you the chance to examine the path that you are on, and how you can get on one that will lead you to better results. The more that you learn while in the classroom, the easier it will be to take on new skills and use your newfound knowledge to your advantage.

You might worry that going back to school is impossible because of your current schedule. While this is a very valid concern, there are also several options worth exploring in regards to this dilemma. Instead of opting for the traditional experience, consider how taking online courses might offer you the flexibility you need to obtain your advanced degree in social work. Case Western has a social work degree program with plenty of scheduling options. Take a look at the various institutions with relevant programs and see which one will offer you the best solution.
Appropriate Compensation
One of the biggest advantages that comes along with becoming a social worker is the pay. While it may not be as glamorous as some positions, there is a lot to be said for what you are able to earn when you take the time to complete your education. Depending on your exact position, you can expect an average income of somewhere between $55,000 and $70,000 per year. Various factors will influence the final number, but having your master’s in social work will definitely help to boost your current compensation.

It is also a good idea to remember that being a social worker is not always easy. You will have to put in long hours, often for demanding and thankless clients, while balancing your own life all the while. The pay can sometimes seem a bit lackluster, if only because you have to dedicate yourself to a higher cause. If you are someone that loves to help others, and you do not mind the requirements of this career path, then it might be the perfect fit for your personality.

Get Started Now
Pursuing an advanced degree can be a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment about your life. This option will help you to discover new career possibilities, increase your earnings, and do good for others. Explore additional information on this area of study and see if it is the right fit for you. With enough research, you will be ready to get started on your new career path as soon as possible.

I think I've chosen the wrong degree – what are my options?

GraduatesFor new undergraduate students, the first term at university can be difficult to manage. New people and – in all likelihood – a new place to live can make the first 10 weeks incredibly daunting, whether you are used to being away from home or not.

According to research released last year, 27 per cent of freshers had either dropped out of their course by January or were contemplating doing so by the summer. A further study by the New College of the Humanities labelled November 12 “university defection day” – the point in the year when first year students were most likely to leave their courses.

I think I’ve made a big mistake with my degree. I started a degree in history in October and I just don’t think it’s right for me. I keep thinking that English could have been better but then I question that as well, as I don’t really know what I want to do for a career. I’m so scared of wasting three years studying something useless but then I feel like I can’t go home because then I would be a year behind and have already spent money on this degree. I have struggled to settle, miss home and find reading for my course a chore, but I don’t want to be left behind by taking a step back. Should I stick it out? I’m not even sure if switching courses is an option.

Most students who drop out of university do so because they do have not settled on their chosen course, which leads to unhappiness in other areas and, in the end, failing the first year.

My advice is to stick it out until the end of term and give yourself the best possible chance of making a success of the university and of studying history.

Take the first week of the Christmas holidays to have a think. If the prospect of returning to university in January is still unattractive or fills you with dread, then maybe it’s time to take stock.

In brief, you can either drop out entirely or stay at the same university and switch to English, depending on whether there is space. Seek advice from the university counselling service or your personal tutor and arrange to meet with admissions in your preferred department to chat through your options.

Student debt: what all parents need to know

Placard at protestToday, Ian Wells, 62, will be going on a protest march for the first time in his life.

Wells, a management consultant from Malvern, Worcestershire, studied psychology at Manchester University in the Seventies for free. His tuition fees were paid for by the local authority, and he received a means-tested grant of £11 a week.  His daughter is not so fortunate.

Claudia, 24, graduated from Brighton University with a fine art degree in 2015, and £43,000 of debt. “My reaction to her student loan statement was one of utter shock,” says Wells. “I expected the figure to be high, but seeing it written down was a real wake-up call. I constantly worry about Claudia’s future – the impact on her life of repaying this debt is going to be devastating.”

Wells raised the subject with The Intergenerational Foundation, a think-tank promoting fairness between generations, over the summer and discovered he was far from alone in his concerns.

“Dozens of stressed parents have contacted us about high student fees, inadequate maintenance loans and volatile interest rates on repayments,” says Liz Emerson, one of the co-founders.

With the help of the Foundation, Wells set up a group called Parents Against Student Debt to campaign for a fairer deal. He encourages like-minded parents to sign up to the campaign here or on Facebook.

He also hopes that the sight of parents on today’s march in London, organised by the National Union of Students and calling for the return of maintenance grants and the writing off of student debt, will make politicians pay attention. “Student debt affects everyone,” he says. “The current system is so unfair that it’s going to have to change.”

Treat student loan defaulters like tax evaders, says think tank

GraduatesForeign students who do not repay loans should be arrested as the public will get back £22 for every £1 spent on prosecution, a leading think tank has suggested.

Researchers have suggested millions of pounds that come out taxpayers’ pockets could be clawed back by detaining loan fraudsters at the border when they re-enter Britain.

Nick Hillman of the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi), which drafted the proposals, is pressuring ministers to treat those who fail to repay their student loans as criminals in the upcoming education bill.

The measures are targeted at the many thousands of European Union students who have borrowed millions of pounds for their studies in Britain and have gone back to their countries without paying their debt back.

The plans are also aimed at British nationals who work overseas and have not paid their loans back.

The proposals have been presented to Jo Johnson, the universities minister, as officials came under pressure to deal with student defaulters like “tax evaders and benefit cheats”.

Mr Hillman, who was special advisor to Mr Johnson’s predecessor David Willetts, said the policy was very cheap and easy to implement.

He said: “The policy is like a fruit machine that pays out twenty-two times the stake on every spin.

“I cannot remember coming across any policy that was so efficient during my three-and-a-half years in Whitehall.”

In a blog published today, Hepi say catching defaulters at the UK border could be a cost effective way to recoup the money as it would act as a deterrent.

The think tank studied a similar policy in New Zealand, which gives loans to both home and Australian students, just like EU citizens do from Westminster when studying in Britain.

Around 3.25 billion New Zealand dollars are owed by borrowers overseas and it is estimated that around 65 per cent of those in default are in Australia.

While it became a criminal offence to default on a student loan in March 2014 there have been only three arrests made since.

Still, the policy has deterred defaulters and the authorities are now collecting $22.20 for every dollar invested.

New Zealand  and Australia share information to allow them to identify those who fail to pay their loans and Hepi believes the UK should have similar agreements with other EU nations.

Mr Hillman added: “A major advantage of the policy is that it is a precision measure that can be used for the worst cases, while deterring the wider group from not complying. Hardship provisions are available to those who cannot afford to pay, meaning the sanction only applies to those who simply refuse to do so.”

EU students have racked up debts of a record £1.3 billion of the English student loan book, which represents a 36 per cent increase from a year earlier.

Roughly 11 per cent, or 8,600 former students from the EU have failed to repay their loans after graduation as critics said having no policy forcing them to pay when they move abroad has meant the taxpayer is footing the bill.

A Government spokesman said: “We are determined to tackle those who deliberately avoid repaying their loans. We work closely with the Student Loans Company, HMRC and other countries to take strong action against those who avoid repaying, particularly borrowers living overseas, including sharing data and issuing court orders in other countries where necessary.

“The Student Loans Company also works with borrowers who move overseas to ensure that they are clear about what information they need to provide and the consequences if they do not.

“Our world leading higher education system remains sustainable and affordable for students and the taxpayer.”

'I'm scared to go to school': More children than ever seek counselling for online bullying

Online bullying is affecting children as young as sevenhe number of children needing counselling for online bullying has increased by 88 per cent in five years.

The NSPCC’s Childline service counselled 4,541 children this year, which was 13 per cent more than the previous year.

Children as young as seven told Childline how they were scared to go to school after being bullied.

“Every day I wake up scared to go to school, scared about the comments people will make and scared about walking home,” said one 13-year-old girl.

“Then I get in and log onto my social networking site and there are horrible messages everywhere. It’s like there’s no escaping the bullies. I’m struggling to cope with how upset I feel so sometimes I cut myself just to have a release but it’s not enough. I can’t go on like this.”

Young people told the helpline about the negative messages they received on social media, ranging from abusive comments about their looks; to those directly telling the person to kill themselves.

One girl, 14, said: “I am being bullied by a girl at school. She has taken photos of me and posted them on Snapchat calling me fat and ugly and how I will never have a boyfriend. I have been having suicidal thoughts as this girl is really popular and she has turned my whole year against me.”

Childline’s president Dame Esther Rantzen said: “Bullying can wreck young people’s lives, especially now that the bullies don’t stop at the school gates. Cyber-bullying can follow them home until it becomes a persecution they cannot escape.

“It is imperative that adults, parents and teachers, intervene to protect them, because we have learned over the years from Childline callers that bullying does not stop on its own, left alone it gets worse.

“Schools must take this problem seriously, and above all children must ask for help.”

The Childline report marks the start of Anti-Bullying Week, which is coordinated by the Anti Bullying Alliance.

Pointing Out the Benefits and Advantages of the Phentermine Supplemental Group

The Phentermine supplemental variety has similarity to amphetamine. This one is aptly used in the bariatric field for the reason of appetite suppression. This can be designated as the Schedule IV controlled substance. The Phen can create the condition of addiction. However, the same cannot be misused or abused and an over dosage of the supplement can cause a deterioration in the human health status. For the range of adversities the physician will prescribe the supplement for short term usage. The supplement is best designed for individual functioning of the compound. The medicine will work best with conjunction of the low calorie diet.

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Revealing the Exactness of Phentermine

In this article you will read about the goodness of Phentermine. With the help of the supplement you can indulge in increased physical activity. There is the option to buy phentermine online. You just have to get sure regarding the source of the supplement. You have the best of brand names given to phentermine and these are Adipex, Suprenza, Phentride, ProFast and the rest. However, you can talk to the bariatric specialist or the physician regarding the recommended dosage of the Phen supplement. This one is sure to be identified as the potent weight loss aid. You can have an interaction with the physician regarding the ingredients of the substance and how to make proper use of the supplement.

Taking account of the Recommendations

There are specific recommendations and suggestions regarding the usage of the universal and unique supplement. However, the ingredients or the components of Phentermine will depend on the specific brand or the manufacturer. The form and the composition of the substance may not be the same in all cases. The Adipex form of Phen includes active ingredients like starch, magnesium stearate, anhydrous lactose, sucrose, cellulose, microcrystalline and the rest. The ingredients are used in the form of binders and they can be used for the reason of coating the tablets.

Making Sure of the Supplemental Usage

You get the capsule version of Phentermine and once you are prescribed the dosage of the supplement you even get to know how to make best use of the supplement. In case, you are not sure in matters of usage or effect you can speak to the person at the pharmacy. He would be the best source to talk about the form and method of the supplemental usage. The specialist will tell you regarding the effects of the supplement based on the prescribed dosage of the same.

Analysing the Traits of Phentermine

This is the article to tell you regarding the advantages and benefits of Phentermine. The supplement is made of the active and the inactive compounds. The Phen compound comes in the variety of dosage strengths. It is right to follow the instructions in order to avoid the misuse of the variety. This is the powerful and the innovative slimming formula and it comes with the slab of the weight loss potentialities to enable you acquire the slim and the sexy look. This way you can simply attract the attention of the people who have the habit to view you in the lean form.

Judicious Use of Fat Burning Potential of Clen

Clenbuterol is a fairly common supplement for professional bodybuilders. However, it should be useful to remember that it is a scheduled substance and you would not get it over the counter for bodybuilding purposes. In this context, it should be interesting to note that Clen was initially developed in the labs as a pharmaceutical condiment for bronchodilation, providing help to asthma patients. Essentially, the compound dilates cell walls by stimulating the combustion of stored fat in cells, providing a boost of energy to a patient grasping for breath. Nevertheless, its fat burning effects soon became popular. It is among the most popular supplements that one can buy online without a prescription.

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Getting it online

As it is a scheduled substance, quite obviously there are a host of complex issues involved in obtaining clenbuterol. Although the internet provides a user with the benefits of anonymity, still it pays to be careful to avoid potential legal snares. On the other side of the picture, not all promised resources online are trustworthy and you may end up with a counterfeit Chinese product doing more harm than good. Your foremost priority should be to assess the reliability of a site selling Clenbuterol HCL.

The only method by which one can justify a good site is to verify its user experience well. Remember that a fake site would not bother to expend on providing scientific resources outlining the pros and cons of the product. Their marketing would be blatant and pushy, over a temporary web platform. The bottom-line is, if the site feels fishy, avoid it.

Understand its usage

An individual bodybuilder should be able to understand the usage of clen independently. It is natural to get influenced by peer reviews, but ultimately everyone should respect their personal adaptability. Clen is a hard compound, and it has several side effects on excess usage. Furthermore, since it grows cumulative tolerance, it is necessary to use it in such a way that the body can make use of it in regulated dosages. A common mistake made even by pro bodybuilders is to perceive that the boost of stamina is not working the very next day after taking the first dose. Actually, you should allow at least a week for the body to adapt with the first dose.

Invest your time in researching the right amount that one should use. Most importantly, one must remember that it is not a miracle drug working by itself. In fact, the fat released in the blood stream through the dilated tissues tend to return to the cells if you are not using up the brief window of boost with sufficient physical training. Use it to increase your reps and hold on to the upper threshold with daily practice before you take the next dose of clenbuterol HCL.  The side effects of this drug include cardiac hypertrophy, or an enlargement of the ventricles, so keep in mind to use it judiciously. Pro bodybuilders, accustomed with supplements, should never exceed 140 mcg as a daily dose (males), and 100 mcg for females.

Why Data Recovery Services May Be Necessary for College Students

College students spend a great deal of time on their laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other devices in order to keep up with their college coursework. Finding resources, collaborating with others, writing papers, and much more go into the college experience. All of the data collected through these tasks  needs to be kept on the devices so students can go back to it at a later time and use it as resource material for other projects. An issue that develops with the device could create a problem for these students, as the important data they saved is no longer available. This is where data recovery services are going to be necessary.

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Laptop Failure

A laptop is often a student’s primary device for schoolwork. Papers are saved on the hard drive and a number of other important files and assignments are also found there. Laptop failure is one of the key reasons why college students would have to call upon data recovery to restore their files. Secure data recovery can restore any files lost on a laptop, no matter what problem occurred. Say a student spills some coffee and damages their hard drive. The recovery service will work to extract the files so they can be salvaged. Sudden mechanical failure, damage from a power surge, virus attacks, and even a mistaken deletion are no match for a professional recovery team. Files should be able to be recovered despite any of these issues.

Damaged USB

Many students choose to keep their files on a USB drive so they are not left on their laptop. These drives seem much less likely to become damaged, so it seems like a safer option. While this is usually the case, USBs can also become damaged, causing people to lose the files they so desperately needed to keep safe. A data recovery team will be able to extract the files so they can still be utilized. A broken USB connector, memory wear from long-term use, accidental file deletion, and physical damage will not stop data recovery engineers from getting the files back.

Social Media Sharing

Social media and online education seem to go hand in hand lately. Many professors are urging students to connect with others via social media sites, share videos of themselves with others, and collaborate on group projects. While this is a fine idea, students need to be safe with the information they are sharing. Many are quick to delete files when they realize it contains personal information. While this is often a good idea, there are times when an accidental deletion may occur, which can be bad for the student. Some files may be needed to complete a certain project.

A file recovery service will be able to recover any files that were deleted through social media or email, with the right access. Server recovery is the main option that will be needed in this instance, as any online deleted materials are still saved on the server. File and email recovery could also be required if it involves online messages.

College students require a great deal of files and information to be saved during their course of studies. Papers, resources, assignments, and much more are often left in emails, social media sites, on USB drives, or on laptops. When either of these things malfunctions, it can cause students to lose the files they needed. Utilizing a data recovery service will help students get their files back so they can use them as planned.