7 Best Technological Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Twitter Feeds have taken the world by storm as this form of communication can keep you updated wherever you are. It does not matter whether you are in serious business or you are a seeker, Twitter allows you to stay updated. Technology is the most dynamic field in the modern era as it keeps on changing every minute and day. One cannot easily stay in touch with all the developments around the world….but the Twitter Feeds can help you to expand your knowledge, business and marketing process depending upon your interest.

So, here are 7 best Twitter Feeds that you can follow for technology updates.

  1. IBM Watson (@IBMWatson- https://twitter.com/IBMWatson)

This is an official twitter handle from IBM that keeps you updated about the latest technology from all over the world. You can post your questions and get it cleared on this platform as well. This feed helps you to understand the trend and direction of the technical world and prepare yourself accordingly.

  1. Android Dev (@AndroidDev- https://twitter.com/AndroidDev)

Android is one of the necessities of the modern world and this feed helps you to remain connected to this platform. You can get all the development updates and announcements from the core team. You must follow it to understand the industry and the corporate world.

  1. Direct 2 Dell (@Direct2Dell- https://twitter.com/Direct2Dell)

This is the official corporate blog of the Dell and your key to success. You can get thousands of ideas and plans for SEO and business through the blog. You can put forth your questions and get content ideas that may give you added advantage in SEO Training Course as well.

  1. Safety (@Safety- https://twitter.com/safety)

Twitter is one of the biggest platforms for marketing. You can also avail of the Digital Marketing Training that gives you exposure to Social media including the Twitter Feed that you keeps you posted about various current aspects.

  1. Microsoft News (@MSFTNews- https://twitter.com/MSFTnews)

If you wish to understand current advancements in technology, Microsoft News is the best handle to give you the best exposure in this field. The news from all around the world from technology and more will be on your finger tips with these feeds. It does not matter what you seek, because you are going to get everything you require.

  1. Apple Insider (@appleinsider- https://twitter.com/appleinsider)

This twitter feed serves the news, updates and trends of Apple and IOS. You can learn the latest developments in the iOS world.

  1. Google Mobile (@GoogleMobile- https://twitter.com/GoogleMobile)

The world is slowly turning towards mobile devices and this feed can reach you wherever you are with the updates and news from Google. If there are any advancements in technology that need to be noted, Google will help you reach out to it.

These are best Technical Feeds that can help you to make your life easier and better with the updates and news. You can always enhance your knowledge and skills, and stay updated with the tech world just by keeping in touch with Twitter feeds.


Three Gift Ideas for a History Lover

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the history lover in your life? This person can be difficult to buy for, particularly if you aren’t a history buff yourself. Before you get discouraged and resort to buying a gift card for a bookstore, however, read on for a few unique ideas that will be sure to have the history nerd in your life grinning from ear to ear.

Museum Membership
What better way to keep a history lover happy all year long than gifting a membership to his or her favorite historical museum? Find out which museum is their go-to and figure out what type of memberships are available. Often memberships come with a whole slew of benefits, including special receptions and newsletters. present the membership with something nice from the museum gift store for a perfectly curated gift.

Books, Books, and More Books
If you know a history buff, you know how much they love books. Often their homes are covered in stacks of books, ranging from autobiography to historical fiction. Try finding a great historical book for your loved one for a great gift. A great option is something which analyzes various historical contexts. One great book is The Dragon and the Eagle: The rise and fall of the Chinese and Roman Empires by Sunny Y. Auyang, which takes a critical look at the cultural comparisons between ancient Chinese history and the Roman Empire.

Historic Artwork
If none of these options tickle your fancy, why not get something that your history lover can use in his or her home. Consider getting a historical map of your loved one’s city framed or a nice print of his or her favorite old photographs. No matter what time period or geographical region it is that he or she is interested in, finding something that represents that time or area will be an extremely special gift. Not only will it appeal to the history buff side of your loved one, but it will also be a beautiful addition to his or her home.

A New DIY Internet Is Bringing Afghanistan Into The Future

A whole new series of frankly amazing technological developments are helping to bring Afghanistan into the future. While this Central Asian nation has always possessed more than it share of natural mineral and human resources, it is only now that Afghanistan is slowly but surely becoming a technological powerhouse as well.

A Restless And Resourceful Spirit Of Independence

While officially sanctioned service providers are doing their part to aid in this amazing social and technological progress, other individuals and companies are also working to help Afghanistan reclaim its rightful place among the vanguard of fully independent, self sustaining members of the world community. As the eyes of the world watch in astonished admiration, a restless and resourceful spirit of independence is asserting itself once more.

Using “Do It Yourself” Logic To Empower Change In Afghanistan

There are a whole new host of companies, such as Afghan Wireless  and several others, who are encouraging native citizens to assert their right to access the Internet freely without fearing the threat of reprisal from reactionary groups like the Taliban. While native Afghans receive encouragement and assistance from these companies, they are also using “Do It Yourself” logic to empower their own brand of positive change.

An amazing new development is occurring in the city of Jalalabad. A group of citizens there are developing their own Internet network from components rescued from local trash heaps and ash bins all across the city. A receiver for wireless access can literally be built of junk for a grand total of less than the equivalent of 60 American dollars.

A Working Internet Made Out Of Cast Off Debris

The combination of elements of home made trash and 21st century wireless technology works like a charm. More importantly, it is playing a huge part in bringing the citizens of Jalalabad together to touch base on family matters and commercial transactions alike.

The components that are currently being used to build this amazing DIY technological marvel include tin cans, wooden boards, cardboard, discarded wire, and all manner of cast off plastic. Once assembled in the right manner, these abandoned bits of junk compose a sounding board. This sounding board gives access to the Internet just as reliably as any Western manufactured laptop computer or iPhone.

Internet Invention Is Galvanizing The Afghan Population

One surprising development that has come out of this recent surge of Internet invention is the galvanizing of the local population. While the current craze for DIY Internet originated in Jalalabad, it is has since spread to other regions of the country, and shows every sign of becoming a permanent fixture in Afghan society.

This amazing new trend of DIY Internet is one of the very best things that has happened in Afghanistan in the last several years. Personal and business communication is now flooding the country with a new wave of entrepreneurial activity that will eventually see Afghanistan opening up its borders to international commerce on a vastly profitable scale.

Online Education Apps Create More Opportunities, Says Experts

With the advent of technology, the younger squad is seemingly more acquainted with gadgets and all the wonderful things stemming out of it such as apps, games and whatnot. It’s more accessible and engaging than the traditional classes. The soon catching up methodology is slowly crept its way into apps which are more student friendly and easily available. What’s more? Most of them are absolutely free. Getting materials has always been a breeze with online stores like Paytm offers all-encompassing educational material and easy transactions but what is it about these that has struck a chord with the youth?

More enriching


Besides the graphics and mesmerizing delivery, the pedagogical element is duly taken care of which makes it all the more powerful. When the child sees something and visualizes it, he remembers it better. It’s proven time and again.



Since apps are synonymous with most of us today given the popularity of smart phones, it has become a child’s play to get hold of a decent app which covers the subjects of your interest. Always pinning on learning the guitar lessons? Or wanting to take up those Spanish classes? Wait no more. Learn and grow on the go.



Since it’s all on the world wide web, it goes without saying that there’s unrestricted free slow of knowledge. You can even design an app of your own and help others. This way you get to hone your skills while you also let others grow along with you. Nothing more empowering and enriching than that. This not only opens up doors for you but also creates opportunities broadening your horizons.

Broad spectrum


When it comes to apps, it’s not just the educational ones garnering all the glory and fame. Most of the service providers have launched their own app to give their customer the kingly treatment they deserve. For example, Uber has come up with an amazing scheme. Availing Uber events code allows your guests to arrive at the venue on time and in most cases, it’s absolutely free of cost! Speaking of educational opportunities, if Uber can do it then so can you! Gear up, Gen Y!