How to learn a foreign language

There are less than 10% people on the planet, and with financial supremacy of United States and other English speaking countries is shrinking quickly, people are learning new languages. And in a country like India, learning languages like Spanish, French or German can reap you great rewards. Consider this – Wages of a Bi-lingual representative in a BPO is almost twice compared to that of a sole English speaking representative. Depending on the language, it can take anywhere from 1-5 years to get proficient in the language. While some languages like Spanish, French etc are easy for English speakers, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean is pretty tough to crack.


But there are some quick tips to help you learn languages.

  1. Use Flashcards: That’s important, whatever you learn, ensure that you make a flashcard and keep repeating it, and studies say that mind doesn’t retain most of what we learn after 24 hours, so it is critical that you keep revising the verb structures or new vocabulary until you master it.
  2. Start talking: This is essential, so many put it off, thinking that they will start talking sometime in future, or after completing the grammar, but the sad part it – it isn’t going to work; here’s a quick tip- say if you walk in a mall, start talking to yourself, say if you are learning French tell yourself that I am going to buy this in French, and then when you come out of the mall, repeat it to yourself, feel the sounds so that when you speak, they won’t sound awkward.
  3. Motivate yourself : A few months down the line, which for more language learns is six; You will reach a phase, where you will get anxious and start thinking that you aren’t heading anywhere, and this is the same time where you need to push yourself and keep learning, because the moment you clear this phase, you will get terrific momentum. This phase usually lasts for a few months.
  4. Don’t connect languages : If you try to connect structure of French language with English, you will find yourself trapped, because there is absolutely no comparison, for example in English one may say – “I am eating”, but in French, there is only “I eat” and that’s it. Therefore stop connecting the languages, and when it comes to say German or Japanese, it gets altogether more tedious. Think in Languages.
  5. Explore the culture : Go for it, if you are learning French, tune into Canadian radio stations, or subscribe to popular television channels like TV5 monde, that are available in India. Explore the dialects to have better insights in languages, the chances are that you won’t understand anything but persists, that’s how you learned your native language when you were a toddler.
  6. Get an expert: All this works well, but how about upping the ante and getting more skin in the game? An expert gives you feedback and help you learn language quickly, they can work on your weak areas and tell you how to overcome it, besides you might be just too busy to go to class owing to your school, college or work related responsibilities, so in that case, consider getting an instructor at home.

But they come at fortune, don’t they? Well, probably nothing compared to the value that learning foreign language adds, because in any profession warranting bi-lingual proficiency, you can almost recover the cost of learning in about a quarter or so. And if you have commitment to learn a language, you wouldn’t want to back off by spending a little on it.

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