How to learn a foreign language

There are less than 10% people on the planet, and with financial supremacy of United States and other English speaking countries is shrinking quickly, people are learning new languages. And in a country like India, learning languages like Spanish, French or German can reap you great rewards. Consider this – Wages of a Bi-lingual representative in a BPO is almost twice compared to that of a sole English speaking representative. Depending on the language, it can take anywhere from 1-5 years to get proficient in the language. While some languages like Spanish, French etc are easy for English speakers, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean is pretty tough to crack.


But there are some quick tips to help you learn languages.

  1. Use Flashcards: That’s important, whatever you learn, ensure that you make a flashcard and keep repeating it, and studies say that mind doesn’t retain most of what we learn after 24 hours, so it is critical that you keep revising the verb structures or new vocabulary until you master it.
  2. Start talking: This is essential, so many put it off, thinking that they will start talking sometime in future, or after completing the grammar, but the sad part it – it isn’t going to work; here’s a quick tip- say if you walk in a mall, start talking to yourself, say if you are learning French tell yourself that I am going to buy this in French, and then when you come out of the mall, repeat it to yourself, feel the sounds so that when you speak, they won’t sound awkward.
  3. Motivate yourself : A few months down the line, which for more language learns is six; You will reach a phase, where you will get anxious and start thinking that you aren’t heading anywhere, and this is the same time where you need to push yourself and keep learning, because the moment you clear this phase, you will get terrific momentum. This phase usually lasts for a few months.
  4. Don’t connect languages : If you try to connect structure of French language with English, you will find yourself trapped, because there is absolutely no comparison, for example in English one may say – “I am eating”, but in French, there is only “I eat” and that’s it. Therefore stop connecting the languages, and when it comes to say German or Japanese, it gets altogether more tedious. Think in Languages.
  5. Explore the culture : Go for it, if you are learning French, tune into Canadian radio stations, or subscribe to popular television channels like TV5 monde, that are available in India. Explore the dialects to have better insights in languages, the chances are that you won’t understand anything but persists, that’s how you learned your native language when you were a toddler.
  6. Get an expert: All this works well, but how about upping the ante and getting more skin in the game? An expert gives you feedback and help you learn language quickly, they can work on your weak areas and tell you how to overcome it, besides you might be just too busy to go to class owing to your school, college or work related responsibilities, so in that case, consider getting an instructor at home.

But they come at fortune, don’t they? Well, probably nothing compared to the value that learning foreign language adds, because in any profession warranting bi-lingual proficiency, you can almost recover the cost of learning in about a quarter or so. And if you have commitment to learn a language, you wouldn’t want to back off by spending a little on it.

However not all professionals are equally good, if you are interested in learning French or German, you might want to explore an app called UrbanClap, which is available on Android and App store for free download, the rates are competitive and instructors are flexible and would be willing to accommodate you, in any time slot. Since there are multiple professionals in the same field, they tend to provide more competitive rates getting you the best deal. UrbanClap company features genuinely fit an incredible attempt to produce the application helpful to function just about every person a new software to know language.

The technology of inflatable products update

The technology of inflatable products update

Since John Scurlock created the first inflatable structure in 1959, we have seen the emergence of many companies that come up with new designs and technologies. This has led to the inflatables product industry rapid growth. There is no doubt that these manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of inflatable market. Today the market goes wide and beyond the traditional market and we have seen new products that have revolutionized the way people live and do their businesses. Constant research and trials have seen the introduction of structures that was not possible until now. If you are new to inflatables, you must be asking yourself how they are made.

Among simplest, but complicated technologies in the world

Inflatable technology is among the simplest, but complicated technologies in the world. It involves an amalgamation of art, design and engineering production to create products that deliver exceptional performance. Typically, inflatable products are produced in three categories, namely, airtight and non-airtight. Airtight maintain shape for some time before they are inflated again and non-airtight will always need a blower to stay inflated. In most cases, airtight products include inflatable toys like swimming floating devices, and beach balls among others. While on the other hand, non-air tights products include tents bouncers among other products.

Airtight inflatables

The manufacturers use high frequency welding to attach the fabrics to each other, thus creating a smooth and complete single piece. On the other hand, products that are considered as High-end airtight inflatable for instance, water raft, their use requires that they have stronger bonds that is why glue is used instead of welding. Welding machines have limitations, which makes this technology suitable for small sized products. The mould and machine setup is strongly recommended for all airtight products since it always makes airtight products last longer.


Non-airtight products

Sewing and patching are commonly used for non-airtight products. These products require a lot of labor, particularly when doing giant inflatables. This is because all pieces are manually stitched together. The best thing about this technology is that it is best suited for big jobs. For instance, inflatable bouncers, structures and advertising inflatable products.


Materials used to make inflatables

Most big inflatables manufacturers such as Tobbox use all kinds of tested and proven fabrics, which are durable enough to withstand their specific usage. These companies ensure that the materials are appropriate for malting as well as have good airtight characteristics, which is vital in holding pressure. Most companies use 0.18MM to 1.00MM or thicker PVC material or PVC/PU coated nylon material. For instance, Tobbox uses 0.50-0.60MM PVC/PU coated material to produce their inflatable bouncers. On the other hand, they use Hypalon, which lasts longer than PVC especially when used in direct sunlight. However, Hypalon is mainly used to make inflatable boats due to its excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking properties.


Current models of inflatables are as a result of years of development of a very new inflatable technology. That is why we are having more rigid, durable and easy to install products, which can withstand extreme weather. At the same time, they maintain all the properties needed for inflatable structures, for example, speed of deployment, lightness and environmental friendly.



Paving Way for E-cigarettes

Recently we have seen great innovation in the tobacco industry in the form of e-cigarettes, which has certainly revolutionized the industry. E-cigarettes have penetrated into our society in such a short period of time that all of us are aware of them and many of us even have used it. But still there are people who wonder what actually these electronic cigarettes are and how these are different from the traditional cigarettes. Many people raise question over its elements or question regarding its usage in the public places.

Electronic cigarettes are basically the battery powered vaporizer containing the nicotine rather than the tobacco as in the traditional cigarettes. Over the short period, its sales have increased enormously and the main reason behind this is the fact that it is less harmful than the traditional cigarettes. Many researches have been done comparing the contents and elements of both, e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, is done and the result of such researches is encouraging for smokers so those who smoked traditional cigarettes have now switched to e-cigarettes. Moreover, e cigarette is also recommended to people who are trying to quit smoking and since quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do, so doctors recommend at times to first switch over to these e-cigarettes and then leave smoking gradually. Another reason that has made this product so successful is the low cost in the long run to the consumer as compare to the traditional cigarettes.

With such positives, e-cigarettes demands have increased tremendously and so have the vape shops that sell the e-cigarettes. Such as (One of the best electronic cigarette company) over recent times, even those small shop fronts have reopened which were previously closed due to the recession. These have been converted into the vape shops after acknowledging the increasing demand of the product. And surely the electronic cigarettes seem to be better accepted in the society as compare to the traditional cigarettes. Better acceptability is due to the general perception in the society over the e-cigarettes as these are viewed as less harmful. The consumer reviews over the use of electronic cigarettes clearly reveals that users are really happy to use these as they believe that it is helping them in quitting cigarettes. Some of them even claim that they have quit smoking due to these e-cigarettes as they view it as not a habit rather something that can be quitted anytime. Consumers have openly express their views over the e-cigarettes at online forums and other social gathering to convince those who are traditional smokers to switch over to it as they feel that e-cigarettes are environment friendly and less harmful. Acceptability of e-cigarettes among the consumers seems to be really high as they are aware of the drawbacks of the traditional cigarettes and as a result they are now more inclined towards the e-cigarettes.

Mixed results in study of disadvantaged pupils in academy chains

Pupils walking to school

Many academy chains in England are struggling to improve the results of disadvantaged pupils, a report says.

The Sutton Trust study of 34 organisations which sponsor multiple academies says poor pupils in 22 of them performed significantly below the mainstream schools average in 2014.

But disadvantaged pupils in 11 chains outperformed those in mainstream schools at GCSE, the charity says.

Ministers said academies were transforming millions of pupils’ lives.

In-depth analysis compared the results at 156 academies between 2012 and 2014 in 34 academy chains with those of mainstream state-funded schools.

The academies were chosen because they had been open and had GCSE results for the past three years.

‘Harming prospects’

The report, Chain Effects 2015, highlights how a handful of top performing chains, such as Ark and Harris Federation, with a large number of schools, were leading performance in the academy sector.

Results for disadvantaged students in these academy chains were at least 15 percentage points higher than those in mainstream schools, the report said.

But in many more academies, disadvantaged pupils did worse than those in mainstream schools. One chain performed at the mainstream average for disadvantaged pupils.

The results are significant because the government sees its academies programme as its main engine of improvement.

“Academy sponsorship is not a panacea,” the report said.

Report author Prof Becky Francis said: “There is very significant variation in outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, both between and within chains.

“Some chains continue to achieve impressive outcomes for their disadvantaged students against a range of measures, demonstrating the transformational impact on life chances that can be made.

“However, a larger group of low-performing chains are achieving results that are not improving and may be harming the prospects of their disadvantaged students.”

‘End of spectrum’

The report calls for new, clear and more rigorous criteria to be applied by the Department for Education (DfE) when sponsors are approved and commissioned.

“New chains should not be allowed to expand until they have a track record of success in driving improvement in their existing academies,” it said.

“The government must not ignore the negative impact that a number of chains at the other end of the spectrum are having on school quality and (consequently) the life chances of the young people they serve,” it added.

And it called for “the DfE to ensure transparency as academies are moved between chains” when standards were not good enough.

A DfE spokesman said: “The academies programme has transformed the lives of millions of pupils, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, as this report shows.

“We are already working with many excellent academy sponsors and are recruiting more to pair with struggling schools so every child has access to the excellent education they deserve.”

He added: “We know that for some academies there is more to do – which is hardly surprising when many of these are most likely to include sponsored academies which have a history of low performance in their former schools.”

Free school meals served over holiday

school dinner
More than 250,000 children across Scotland are eligible for free school meals

A council is serving thousands of free dinners to children over the summer holidays.

North Ayrshire Council hopes the scheme will help youngsters who are entitled to free school meals during termtime.

This is the first time a Scottish council has made a move of quite this nature and scale to help families on low incomes over the school holidays.

Child poverty campaigners claim some parents struggle to feed their children properly when schools are shut.

Across Scotland more than 250,000 children – including all children in P1-3 – are entitled to free school dinners.

In many respects free meals are like a benefit to low income families – except they are not available for several weeks every year.

Holiday activities

North Ayrshire Council is opening 10 primary schools most days during the holidays for out of school activities. Children from 24 schools are eligible to attend.

The scheme is open to all children – some parents may need childcare, other children may want to be with their friends and enjoy the holiday activities.

But for parents of children entitled to free meals there is an important service – free meals in the holidays. Other children pay £2 for a meal.

Council leader William Gibson hopes the scheme will be a real help to families on low incomes. It began two years ago but has been rolled out to primary schools across the area.

school dinners
North Ayrshire has opened ten primary schools over the summer for activities and food

About 1,200 meals are now being served every week to children – many of them for free. The council meets the cost itself.

The vast bulk of Scottish councils have no similar schemes although East Renfrewshire has run “summer camps” which include free meals for eligible children at two of its schools for several years.

Renfrewshire Council also has schemes to help children who get free meals over the holidays.

Anti poverty campaigners say there is a real problem with “holiday hunger”.

The group Children in Scotland claims food banks and community projects are reporting increases in families seeking food for their children in non-term time.

‘Difficult and stressful’

Children in Scotland Chief Executive Jackie Brock said: “Scotland has gone a long way to address hunger for young children during term-time, but we now need to focus on how we can support families during holidays when pressures are most intense.

“Poorer families will find feeding their children, and finding childcare and holiday activities, very difficult and stressful. We must do more to support them.

“Scotland has policies in place on food and wellbeing, as well as Curriculum for Excellence, that make us well-placed to make a change.

“Alongside a coordinated and strategic response to poverty and hunger, we need to look to sustainably funded projects at a local authority or community level that can offer meals out with term-time.”

Children in Scotland is currently developing a Families, Food, Futures programme across three council areas.

It will target schools to offer a free and nutritious meal as part of a wider range of activities for children and their families.

The programme will be based in schools with high deprivation levels but provision will be available to all in the school.

Reasons of Selecting Movavi Screen Capturing Application

When you are creating a presentation or adding instructions in you documents, you would certainly need video coverage to make the whole affair look appealing. In such cases, finding the best and the most efficient computer screen capturing application, can take care of the complication and show you an easy and smart way to complete the project and impress the audience with ease. While searching for software assistance which can fulfill all your requirements, you would come across a multitude of options. But, selecting the best one would determine your success in these regards. By selecting the services to capture video from screen with Movavi, you would be able to receive stress free work operation experience. Here we are going to explain how this specific application can handle all the segments of your computer screen recording necessity.

  1. Recording Computer Screen Video Is Easy Now– Whether you want to put video footage of program demonstrations, or working on a special project of the computer, with the help of this specific application, now it would be easy for you to record the screen of your computer with ease. This application allows you to add and highlight cursor, keyboard actions in the video footage to help you in case of creating a better directed demonstration or instruction footage.
  2. Bring Videos from Online- Now you can add special footage of your favorite video from the online platform in your computer screen recordings. Whether you want to create a montage of events with various videos or just need to make the footage more informative with instruction videos, online platform can help you in this regard. This application comes with a timer option which can autopilot your computer screen recording process while you take a break.
  3. Editing Facilities- With a multitude of benefits and advantages that this application brings on the table for us, editing tools can be considered to be extremely appreciated and efficient. With the editing facilities, you can change or modify each different part of the screen capturing process to your preference. From changing the video quality to adding music in the recordings; and from dividing the video in parts to adding various stylish transitions to play; each of these tasks would be easily managed with the help of Movavi application.

These are few of the many reasons why making up your mind to capture video from screen with Movavi is a great idea.